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Feeling sick, when i take a hit

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chruschef, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. So, I'm pretty new to burning herbs.. And I love getting high, but I'm not going to lie. When I smoke sometimes I feel like I'm going to puke, and cough a lot. What's the best way to get used to the smoke?
  2. well if you say you are new to smoking then it is natural I would say the best advice i could give you would be to take smaller hits until you feel comfortable with it also wat r u smokin wit just js or wat
  3. Well, I've been going ghetto. two nights ago, I tried a gravity pull, or a waterfall bong. I hit that pretty good without problems, I smoked off a pipe and had trouble taking medium size hits. Just last night I took a couple rips off a bong, and that didn't go down to well lotsss of coughing and almost choking.
  4. smoke it slow, try not to use alot of butane. what i used to do was, drag the smoke into my mouth, not my lungs, then all at once, just inhale deep, with cool air and the smoke. less coughing, more smoking. i swear coughing gets you more baked..
  5. lmao ya true dat i hardly ever cough ne more:( when i smoke wit my dealer he even coughs more than me and i take bigger longer hits if ur coughing ur prolly gettin blazed lol but if u really dont like that feeling try razors method props i do dat all the time or try putting ice cold water and ice cubes in your bong so the hit is cooler and easier to inhale:smoke:
  6. Coughing isn't always a bad thing man. If you're coughing it shows you aren't a pussy only taking little mini hits. But I find that cold smoke always makes the hits smoother. Next time you build a bong, slip a few ice cubes in there. Ice cubed hits are great.

    Enjoy your leftovers. :D
  7. I'm enjoying the leftovers man, but I'm probably gonna get it hooked up with fulmer and get some really high class stuff from the club.
    Edit: i totally just realized that you are bob. Baked right now.

    I used ice cold water last night in the bong, it was still as cold as ice when we blazed too. It was a bit plastic margarita mixer, so they were pretty fat hits.

    I just blazed off the home made gravity pull. :cool:
  8. SoCal clubs have great product. Good luck with the hookup.
  9. The reason you feel sick is becuase your probobly swallowing the smoke. Smoke doesnt belong in your stomach, only your lungs.

  10. If thats true, how come I'm still getting baked?
  11. becuase itsstill passing your thc receptors in your throat.. and its still being absorbed.

  12. So, Uh how do I stop doing it? I'm just inhaling like I thought I was supposed to.
  13. Instead of thinking so hard about taking the hit, just breathe in. Try taking a deep breath out before taking a hit, just to kinda force your body into taking air into your lungs. Don't suck the smoke in like a straw.

  14. Hey man, so I burned some more herbs last night. No coughs, went down slick with straight up smoke. I have surpassed the baby lungs, I think.
  15. Drink lots of liquids. I remember through a small span I throw up when I smoked because my throat was so dry. Just keep drinking.
  16. Maybe you learned how to inhale this time.

    Smoke weed everyday. :smoking:
  17. just rip joints of blunts, that will ease you into smoking, and with the tobacco its alot harsher than just weed so youll get big rips off bongs and dry pieces eventually, just need to get your lungs ready

    stay high my friend, i know i am

  18. Man I totally am. Thats most enjoyment I've ever gotten from 65$. :smoking:

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