Feeling self conscious about a fetish I have

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  1. Hi,

    I am a 24 year old male who is having some difficulty in coming to terms with a fetish I have. When I was just entering puberty , around the age of 12, I discovered that I was extremely turned on if a girl I liked wore thongs (underwear). I'm not sure why but if I saw a thong sticking out of a girls pants I got really aroused. This is my only fetish that I can think of. Over the past couple years I have been pondering why I like them so much, like how could I be attracted more to a chick just by the underwear she wears. Am I weird or abnormal for this?

    I wish that I never had this turn on and wish it wasn't so strong for me.
  2. Na, man. You'll be surprised how extreme some people's fetishes are. Compared to some of the ones I've heard, yours is pretty tame. To each his own.
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  3. No need to feel bad, awkward, alone, ashamed, nor weird about that. Almost humorous that someone would feel some type of way about that because it's so trivial. I think thongs are hot, though it's not particularly my thing.
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  4. Hey man, that's why thongs were invented in the first place. Try and have fun with it.
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  5. Shiiit man I like sexy thongs/panties too.

    Nothing wrong with that at all, I think most dudes dig that.
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  6. Nothing is wrong with that, that's actually quite normal.
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  7. Any fetish is okay as long as no harm is done to anyone...who didn't consent.
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  8. Completely normal. When I was hitting puberty the only nude pics we ever got to see were boobs and bush in Playboy. So I spent a good part of my puberty jacking off to boobs and bush. Even now, the site of a nice bush gives me a woody. So don't worry about it and enjoy it. Just find a girl who like to wear them.
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  9. Edible panties

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  10. You are self conscious about THAT?! Try your best not to be buddy, that is pretty normal and a pretty vanilla fetish I wouldn't worry about it. Believe me, I have some weirder fetishes than that haha
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  11. How old are you OP? Your fetishes are going to get a lot different as you get older.

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  12. I'm pretty sure that fetish is called, "heterosexual male."

    Nothing to be ashamed of bud.
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  13. Wow. Disgusting. How could someone,...
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  14. Now when you start sniffing and licking them .......

    Oh, wait, that's not that out there either. LOL
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  15. Lol

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  16. You must have been raised really conservative and in the church to think that is weird! I like violent sex with weapons and role playing and that is only the tip of the iceberg of my fetishes. Trust me, you haven't even seen strange if you are feeling self conscious about something that I wouldn't even consider a fetish.
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  17. pretty boring compared to the fucked up shit u could be into
  18. lol are you a hardcore christian or something?

    a thong fetish is the last thing id expect after reading the title.
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  19. No I'm atheist. I just thought that normally people aren't supposed to have fetishes so I feel weird about it

  20. It's not really even a fetish, just normal.
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