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feeling really weird after smoking...i think it's me.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrsofficer9, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. so lately when i smoke i get really light headed, like when you feel like you're about to pass out. i also get really tense in the neck and shoulders. sometimes my stomach hurts. i've smoked plenty of herb, and i am definitely not an apprentice but this is the place for questions. i've been somewhat sick lately, but not that sick. i don't blame the weed at all, but i was wondering if anyone has ever had this happen to them, and why if you know.i recently went for almost a week not smoking, which is unusual, so i figured my tolerance was a bit lower. still, i've gone longer than that and never had negative effects when i smoke again. i still feel a good high, but after a bit i feel like shit. i'm about to go smoke and see what happens.
  2. Do you see black around your vision ?
  3. not sure about your particular situation, but i know that happens to me almost every time. my doctor blames my low blood pressure, though. my heart isnt as strong as it should be because of some serious damage it sustained over a few years, so i even get lightheaded getting out of bed in the morning. normally my queasiness and the feeling of being faint clears after about ten minutes into the toke. that isnt much help, i know, but its what i can offer. hope it evens itself out for ya, eventually, and you can go back to enjoyin your high.
  4. yes it's like a black ring that takes up everything but what's right in front of me. it hasn't happened until just recently. i haven't changed anything, so it's a weird thing.
  5. Maybe it's getting really..high? Like holdin in big hits that is a-uh.
  6. I get the same thing once in a while and I have no clue what it is. Only happened to me 2 times and I almost passed out. The second time I just finished toking and on my way walking to my car it just hit me & i was with my friends but i literally had to force myself to stand cause my legs went so weak and I just felt like i was about to collapse.
  7. sounds like you should quit smoking weed.
  8. was this the same weed you were smoking before your week break? We just got some new weed that is different and it doesn't make me happy and tingly and well happy. This stuff makes me feel icky. It is so not a body high but it does affect my stomach and how it feels. Maybe find some different not this weed and see if you still get it. Maybe it was just the weed.

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