Feeling paranoid and having anxiety while stoned?

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  1. I first got an anxiety attack when i felt "some type of way" with a group of new people that i smoked with. Dont let people ruin your mood and if they do. Dont give a fuck about them.

    1) feel like you reek of weed?
    - take a shower. Brush your teeth, rinse your mouth with a mouth wash. And eat something.
    2) feeling awkward with people?
    -tell your self youre high. You can do what ever you want and use it as an excuse for "im way too high". Dance. Sing. Read. LAUGh. Talk shit lmao. (Jk, maybe)
    3)over thinking too much?
    -Your mind is too focused on that specific thing. detach your self from the negatives. Let your self go. Listen to music. And pay attention to that. Pay attention to the surroundings. Close your eyes and imagine youre on vacation.
    4) had a blackout while high and remember only specific embarassing things you said while high?
    -Smoke less
    5) watched a scary movie and now its hard to be at ease?
    -tell your self its because youre high. Tell your self your sober. When youre focused back into reality record yourself being high and laugh at your self.
    Laughing is the best to keep you uplifted.
    6) scared of people judging you? Mocking you?
    -tell your self why you care about these random people judging you. You aint a pussy! Dont let people stomp on you while high. (its also your imagination of people making fun of you. You need to love your self)
    7) scared and think that people are recording you. Taking pictures of you?
    Close your eyes and listen to some music. Focus on that music only.

    While high everything feels like an illusion . It will feel like youre on repeat.
    Time will go by extra slow. Think positive. Or dont think at all. Let your self go. And relax. Being relaxed rather than freaking out is better.
  2. amen /thread
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    I have the same feeling but it's because of the
    friends(kind of my friends)I smoke with. Having a feeling that they judge on how I take small hits on blunts and how I do things when I'm high like acting little stoned. But I dont smoke as much as they do. Just having bad vibes, I hope it isnt the case anxiety.
  4. One suggestion i would make and this is coming from someone who suffers from G.A.D is buy weed that is really high in CBD it will counteract the anxiety effects that THC gives you. with a high CBD ratio you will have more of a really chill relaxing experience

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