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Feeling of peeing when high and after, anyone can help?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Efinel, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. I dont want to make this way too long so basically I've smoked weed many times in my life but two weeks ago i smoked too much and i felt like i was shitting in my pants but nothing really happened. After a few days out of nowhere i am sitting and this feeling comes back again, and since then every day is just horrible, and now that i kind of deal with it, i feel like i pee myself and i've searched it but even though this happens to a lot of people, no one knows how to solve it, and for some it comes back out of nowhere many years later. So now Im feeling paranoic all the time and I feel my life is ruined forever. I can't explain this to anyone and dont know what to do, can someone help me please?
    It is driving me crazy, and I know many even killed themselves because of this stupid feeling, but I dont want to get to that.
  2. Are you sure you smoked weed?

    But seriously- we're just a bunch of stoners... I'd see a doctor.
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  3. Check a doctor. I've been really high before and this happens twice, but instead of peeing I thought blood was running down my shorts like I was super scared I thought I was bleeding from my penis. It only happened twice, after that I never had that feeling.

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  4. Thanks for the support, turns out I might have anxiety disorders so smoking weed and having a bad trip for first time made me get obsessed with it. My advise is try to not smoke weed if you already have any mental disorder or whatever, it is like if the effect of a bad trip keeps on going for weeks, hope it goes away soon, but yeah, thanks anyways.
  5. Try it slowly and pace yourself. You don't need to get totally wasted to enjoy a nice buzz.

    Take one or two tokes, chill for 5 minutes, decide if you want another or not.


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