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feeling of panic when i run out of weed HELP

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blackshadow1981, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. ok ive been smokeing weed for well over 15 years now (im 30 and starting around 15)

    this last year or so i get a panic feeling and knots in my belly when i run out of weed and i cant just relax and chill till ive picked up again. i dont think this is normal and i know that weed isnt addictive but i cant shake the feeling of dread untill ive picked up and im safe back at home again.... some of the things that go thou my mind are

    1) when i call im praying to myself that my dealer has some
    2) the area i have to pick up from is fucked up and i have to walk it on foot
    3) cops seeing me walking away from an area that is known for drug use and pulling me over and takeing my stash
    4) getting robbed when walking to or from the dealers home

    its more then just a "geez i hope i can score today" feeling its like a real strong painic that stays with me untill im home again with the weed in my hand

    (the hardist part for me is the calling the dealer on the phone and hopeing his got some)

    is this normal do other users feel this way?

    i hope someone gets back to me asap because this is really doing my head in
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  2. You are fucking crazy. Thats called extreme paranoia my man, and the fact that is physically affects you is no beuno. I dunno if there is anything you can do about it, it could be linked to something else. I'd say you should lay off the weed for a little bit, see if that makes the stomach pains go away.

    I would say go visit the doctors office and just tell them you are experiencing these feelings. What they know is confidential man, and a little pot smoke doesn't hurt anyone. Most doctors I've run into actually don't care.
  3. I would definitely try start to cut back on your use.. I understand that feeling you're explaining though when you have no bud, it's a shitty feeling but you shouldn't let it control your life. Take a nice little break from it, prove to yourself you don't need some plant to get by in life. You must learn that it's all in your head.
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  4. i dont think its extreme paranoia that im feeling when it comes to picking up or makeing that call...

    i do get extreme paranoia when im home and stoned and need to go to the shop thats only a 2min walk from my house, you could offer me $100 when im high to go to the shop for you and get something but i wouldnt be able to do it, thats like a feeling where i think everyone knows im high or that people in the shop are looking at me, its fucked up i know but im cool with that because i just make sure i have everything i need before i get high so i can lock myself in my apartment and just relax and enjoy myself in my safe little bubble

    the feeling im talking about is a strong feeling of dread almost like a longing for weed and a feeling that if my dealer dont have anything im fucked, i can go without and sometimes i do for a day or 2 if his not got anything but i really dont like it

    anyway thank you for your help guys
  5. Yeah man your hooked mentally. lay off it for a bit and try MODERATION. it really makes it more enjoyable when you smoke. Just chill, and know the universe has your back, believe in karma or something, its reassuring in sketchy situations :)
  6. dont pick up for the day,grab a quanity and sit back and chill for a week or so...good luck..
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    dude givin your situation it is normal....i used to feel the same way when i had to walk through a hood of thugs and rabid dogs alone in the night to get my weed. i lived there in that hood 15 years so i never had any problems except for dogs and this one other time with my current dealer years ago....he str8 up pulled a gun on me (as a joke i suppose, or to establish dominance) but i didnt even know him that well and it wasnt funny....u should find another way man...its not worth the risk....walkin through the ghetto is a risk if your not from there...

    edit* i remember another time that was really sketchy....we went to another hood across the way to a dealer i only bought off that 1 time in desperation....anyway we pull up and the dude comes up to the car with a fuckin shot gun in his hands,,,,,lol.....again, its just too lest drive instead of walk
  8. If you are having physical and mental symptoms in the absence of weed which do not resolve after cessation, then consulting your physician to rule out an underlying disease process may be in order. Anxiety can have many causes, often not psychological in origin.

    Alternative Mental Health

  9. First, lay off for a while - I mean totally. If you can't stay off the weed a 100% for a month you got a problem man. Then you really should talk to a doctor about what to do about it...

    Second, start growing your own herb. Better quality control and you always got some.
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  10. I cannot grow at the moment- and my dealers are super sketch and/or disappearing. When I get low, I get nervous, because I don't know where my next batch is coming from. My cuz hooked me up last time and I hooked him in return- but I'm about to run out again and I'm feeling like a shitty cousin because I'm totally gonna text him later and ask for his friend's info, as opposed to wanting to actually talk to him. :(
    When I had a steady dude, I never freaked out like I do now. Then again, I probably smoke 300% more now than I did then.
  11. i just picked up £30 ( about $48) of green so i should be sorted for about 2 weeks, its nice to know im not alone, i had to walk like 3miles to get it so now im going to grind and smoke me a fat one...... now im carlm and i feel normal
  12. Dude if you have to go through all that trouble to get bud, invest in a glass spoon and pack .1 snaps.
  13. [quote name='"blackshadow1981...i know that weed isnt addictive but i cant shake the feeling of dread untill ive picked up and im safe back at home again.... [/QUOTE']

    This seems like a contradictory statement, dude. You control yourself, the weed doesn't control you. I hope it all turns out ok for you, man, that paranoia sounds rough.

    Edit: messed up the quote box, but yeah.
  14. I think you just make an active choice to take a break. When you run out, let that be enough for a couple days. Don't even try to score some more, just chill and enjoy the variety that sober life can bring.

    Also on the not-wanting-to-go-to-the-store-high. My advice for that would be to smoke least amount possible but enough that you are still high just a little. Take some precautions like washing face, smoking a cig, eyedrops to put aside suspicion. Now go for a walk. Go to the store and just interact with people. Their first response is NOT gonna be, "This man is high..." If anything they may think you are kind of strange. But most likely everything will go fine and they won't suspect a thing. Then slowly build your confidence by this same method until you can be high in any situation and remain successful!
  15. yeah thats the problem with weed, its a double edged sword

    when you have gear and your smokeing it you feel so lovely and relaxed and happy and just chilled

    but then theres the bad side, in the uk we call that whitey its when the room starts spinning and everything gos black and you cant talk or even think right and sometimes you even puke, this mostly happens when it mix with beer (i dont drink and smoke togther anymore)

    and yes the paranoia is very head doing but you find ways to deal with it

    i was on herion (chaseing the dragon) for 4 years and i kicked that habit (kids dont even go there hell dont even try it because its so easy to get a taste for it) ive been clean from that for almost 3years now so i guess weed is the lesser of the 2 evils

    like most drugs there is good and bad but i will be trying to cut down over the next month or so because i cant go on like this, it was fun at the start but now i just use weed to feel normal

    anyway thanks for makeing me feel welcome on this site (i only joined today)

  16. Yeah man, it sounds like you're experiencing withdrawal anxiety or some long-term side-effects. Strictly psychological, but very unpleasant none-the-less. I get that too...I've only been smoking for 5, and I find myself to have a very addictive personality (or weak-minded, whatever you'd like to call it) and I get that anxiety before I pick up and I have no weed. Perhaps not as strong as yours. IMO, the best thing to do would be to cut down on consumption and try and find a way to make it less psychologically significant. Or, you could simply make the best of it and pick up before you run out. I find that I get stressed out when I am thrust into a situation I have no control over; such as having 0 weed, relying on someone else to bring it to me, doing it in a public place where you can't control who sees ect. If I can remove at least one of those variables to make it more 'own my own terms', I feel much more comfortable. Maybe try that.
  17. its fine i get that feeling too but not that sort of its the end of the world its just like im not use being sober anymore and its more fun high but when i dont get weed then i dont get any...simple as that but i always find a way to score.. and plus i dont feel like eating when im not stoned... thats the worst but just relax when ur dry of weed then just do other stuff and just enjoy life until u smoke that blunt again
  18. Just pretend weed is poisonous and if you smoke it you will die. :rolleyes:
  19. this happens to me it sucks its mostly cause my anxiety
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  20. thats fucked up man, I've just finished like 4 bowls worth, and I'm ready for some more.

    You are killing the buzz. Must watch that 70's show....

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