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  1. Everyone has this feeling that they are different some how special. Most of us arent but some are. So on to the point if there is a god, do you think he means for these special people to do something? I only ask because is a way I am special. Medically speaking my birth was a physical impossibility. Also my standing 5'9 waying 240lbs is another type of impossibilty, and lastly my ability to still walk is a impossibility. The reasons these are impossibilities are as follows.

    My mom had uteral cancer and was told she couldnt have anymore kids then I came along.

    When I was 4 another doctor said I would never be taller than 3 feet 90lbs and very weak. Yet I stand tall and heavy with 14.7% body fat.

    And lastly I got hit by a truck when I was 14, I was going 30mph down a hill on skates, and the truck was going 50mph it struck me and I was thrown 40 feet (give or take). Then was later told by a the ER physician that if I hadnt have had my helmet in my backpack my spine would have been broken and I would be paralized.

    So I guess what im asking is, Do some people serve a greater purpose? or is it just a bunch of statistical annomilies that these things have happened the way they have.

    I am just curious as the the meaning of the universe. if anyone has any insite as to why things work out the way they do or have a oppinion on the matter please share it with me. I have long respected the city and appriciate the advice of everyone here
  2. Mabbe your ment to do somthin really important. Like save someones life, or mabbe your gonna have chirldern that like become the next president or somtin. If he/she does become the next president make sure that he/she leagalizes marijuana.:smoking: But yeah, its wierd how some things work that way.:)
  3. someone obviously likes u upstairs ....i personally say life is what u make it
  4. I dont know, but your lucky man.

    I feel different than alot of people. I dont know if that makes me special or makes me an odd ball.
  5. Good Lord, son. You must be buff as hell. I'm 5'11" and 135lbs with 12% body fat. I'm fairly skinny, but still. You're two inches shorter, 100 lbs heavier and you're body fat percentage ain't bad at all.

    So...now that I've gotten us off-topic...:D

  6. jesus 5'11 and 135.....thought i was skinny
  7. heh 5'10/11 and 115lbs!!! i win :D (i hate my skinnyness, fucking metabolism)

    on topic
    i believe i am some sort of experiment in artificially created human cos i am sooo shitly designed :)
  8. Well i will tell u what i think, but its all my own opinion, I feel like god has nothing to do with what goes on in peoples life. I think that we choose our life before we are born. We are souls, that choose to come to earth and be born, for experience. So when u say, everyone feels like they are special, but some arent, it's kinda like "special" has nothing to do with it. For example, maby when u chose your life, u wanted a certin experience, so thats why u were born, for the purpose u chose to experience in your bodys life period. All the things that happened to u, could all have seriously ended your life, but somehow, u wont "die" till u fullfill the journey u chose. Some people leave before fullfilling what they chose, because they might have decided, that they no longer want to finish, the life they chose to lead. Does that make any sence to anyone, its a hard thing to explain i guess.

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