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Feeling Of Constant Mistrust

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CyclicDreams, May 22, 2013.

  1. Anyone else have the problem of trust with people?  I've been a smoker for quite a while, and I feel like smoking has been an influence on this constant mistrust of people and what people say.  It's a feeling that stays in the back of my mind when hanging out, talking, and meeting people.  I think it's good to have a "guard" for yourself, because there are many dishonest, sketchy people...but I feel like it's not a good thing or healthy for that feeling to pretty much be there all the time.  Any advice or similar experiences would be greatly appreciated, GC. 

    dude I have the same problem. people do not like me because i do not instantly believe what comes out of their mouth. I feel i cant trust anyone. I have seen/heard some shit tho. People have many faces
  3. And rightfully so. people are not to be trusted.
  4. A lot of people make up bullshit stories and just lie for like no reason at all and are just generally a sketchy fuck. So yea I use caution when dealing with people. Although I do have a few select few friends that I would honestly trust with my life so my guard isn't up ALL the time. That wouldn't be good. lol
    I get it all the time and know exactly what you mean? If you dont mind me asking you a personal question, are you a jealous type of person?
  6. I feel that. I've lost some long time friends because they didn't like that I did not automatically trust the people they brought around. And I've missed out on new friendships for the same reason. At the same time, I've also been screwed over a lot less after I stopped trusting people than when I did trust people easily.
  7. Go with the gut insticnt, then how much you want to trust the person.  None, some or all.  I keep all people close, some closer than others.  Some I duck when they are seen and others are tolerated to the maximum eventhough they're not trusted.  Everone needs to relax, some can do it in a group, some with one other person some only when they're alone.  Whatever the case we all need to relax, if you can't relax you're going to eventually burn out. 
  8. You can't trust people. You might be able to trust your family depending on what they're like.
    You can't trust your best friend, people change and can turn against you if it benefits them.

    Some people just want to get something from you but won't reciprocate. If you're going to be generous then don't ever expect to be repaid. Friends tends to ask you for help but as soon as you want their help they ignore you.

    When you lend money to a friend you lose both the money and the friend.
    As sad as that sounds, I find it to be the cold hard truth. People like to be "friends" with others when it is beneficial to them, but as soon as you turn the tables they are no where to be found. In a couple years from now they usually disappear. Your family are the only people that will ALWAYS be by your side.
  10. I struggle to trust anyone or believe anything that comes out of anyone's mouths. I try not to be so hard on the people I'm close with but it's hard. It's something I really need to change because I'm going to school to be a criminal psychologist and one thing I have to learn is how to catch them lying. Eh... :/
  11. I don't trust anyone but it's not because of weed, it's called experience.
  12. You're just getting more mature, I bet it has nothing to do with weed. It's childish and ignorant to immediately entrust people. Once I've known em for a year i might have gained a little faith in em but it'll be miniscule. If your friends think badly of you for not trusting em then they aren't friends who can sit on your wavelength, and there's no reason to be more than acquaintances with people like that anyways.
  13. While there very well may be exceptions to this, in my experience, your friends will fuck you over.
    I have a friend who well cal bill, and hes been my friend for about 10 years, and the first time we smoked was together. In 10th grade, I asked him to use his cigarette roller to roll up this big bag of pipe tobacco for me, and I gave home $5 and my one hitter. A few days later, my mom gets a call from his mom. She found it, and he said that's pepes. He was still gonna get in trouble, but he had to pull me into it, even though he was benefiting, and he was willingly participating. I also used to have him get me bud. I'd went with him once to his dealer, and got a really good size bag, every time after that, I couldn't go with him, and the bag would always be light.
    Where as my best friend is my brother, and I know he wouldn't fuck mover.
    Bills still my friend, I don't think he's a bad guy, but people are inherently opportunistic, so they will fuck you over, unless they are your genuine friend.
  14. its all about in the company that you keep and luckily for me, i have the most loyal friends around.  do they lie and cheat?  sure they do but i know they would never fuck me over. 
    i feel really bad for people who cant trust people.  its just the way some people are and i understand that but i could never be friends with someone who doesnt trust me after a while.  
  15. i try not to give people opportunities to fuck me over, so i guess id say i'm suspicious.  i try to be friendly, but (for example) if you want to borrow something from me right after i meet you, i have no qualms saying no.
    probably also has to do with the fact that i havent lived in one town for longer than 5 years since i was like 10.  no lifelong friend for me, sadly.
  16. its a part of growing up, man. or maybe i'm just a cynic.
  17. I haven't been on for a while, but those are some really good replies.  Any other opinions or personal experiences about this subject, GC?
  18. I'm the same way. Idk if you mentioned how old you are but as a 21 year old I noticed that people fib so much about stupid irrelevant stories that "happened" just to make themselves look cooler. Seeeing this shit all the times makes it difficiult to trust people for me because if they have a problem simply keepin it real, how are they supposed to be honest when its actually important. Maybe its just my demographics but who knows

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  19. This. I feel like I can detect fibs like there's no tomorrow, and weeks /months down the road my suspicions show true.

    I'm very guarded with every new social relationship, and unafraid to speak my honest opinion /experiences. I can gauge off of their reactions to that sometimes if they're being real.

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    I think its naturally healthy to have this feeling, people normally get in trouble or get caught because the become lackadaisical and or too trusting of people. No worries my fellow blade :smoke:

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