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Feeling numbness a day after smoking weed.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by reallytired13, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. I smoked weed yesterday for the second time. Both times I had felt the numbness/tingly sensation in my hands but on the first time, it went away within 6 hours, however, this time it has been over 24 hours and I'm still feeling the numbness.

    I'm thinking that it's due to getting higher than last time, however, I threw up last time and didn't this time. The sensation comes and goes and it's most noticeable when I'm touching blankets or clothes.

    I was wondering if this was anything I should be concerned about, and how long this would last. Is there anything I can do on my part to get rid of it faster because I really don't like the feeling.

    Please and thank you.
  2. One of the rare ones ya r. Numb hands effects 1-1000 cannabis consumers. Get use to it I’ve smoked so much my hands r rubber their absolutely useless wife has to roll and light my joints for me and she don’t even smoke.
  3. it has to do with the strain and tolerance. heavy smokers dont get that, unless it is from some other issue like circulation, heart disease etc.....

  4. Im thinking the "mind" is playing a big role here...................try not to continuously be freaking out about your hand....that doesn't help. Try to not think about it and get on with your'll go away....
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  5. I don't think I've been focusing on it too much, it's closing in on 48 hours now. How much longer do you think it will last?
  6. UPDATE: Just in case anyone else has the same problem as me, rest assured the fuzziness and/or numbness gradually goes away. It took about 4 and a half days for it to be fully gone, but my brain is still slightly foggy which will go away soon I presume.

    I'd assume it was due to a number of factors that it lasted so long.

    1) It was a really strong type. My friends who get baked every day said they still felt it the day after which is really rare for them.

    2) I was a beginner. I had only done it 2 or so times beforehand so I really didn't develop a tolerance.

    3) Nicotine. I've learned now that nicotine increases the high by a lot, at least for me. I was totally fine until I vaped a couple of puffs and got a headrush, after that all the effects just hit me at once and stayed forever.

    4) The fuzziness is just normal for me when high. Due to the fact that I've had it every time I've gotten high, I'm going to take a hint and know that it's always going to be there. I know it's rare because none of my friends have gotten it.

    Anyways I'm seriously overjoyed that these effects went away and needless to say I won't be smoking weed anymore; I just hate the fuzziness.

    Thanks for the help guys.
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