Feeling Like You Are Dying When You Are 10/10 High

Discussion in 'General' started by Faramir, Jun 18, 2013.

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    i know its anxiety, i used to have anxiety attacks while super duper high sometimes,, but i still get the paranoid thought i am dying when 10/10 high nowadays.

    i actually like it because i think of the scene in fight club where you "accept pain" (when durden slapped the guy while burning his hand with soap) and i feel like forcing yourself to feel that makes you more tough mentally, and afterwards i feel great.

    when i feel like i am dying nowadays i listen to emo songs or motivating songs and it feels absolutely amazing, very "revelatory" and such.  
    it honestly feels like what church should feel like, as i am atheist and feel very sad a llot of the time that there is no god.  (i just love the idea of an immortal omnipotent wizard that anchors how "real" my reality is)
  2. A 10/10 high is like equivalent to an Airplane or a Six Flags roller-coaster, I like that shit! It's only becomes worse if the high stumps with paranoia, paranoia is such a buzzkill. 
  3. the paranoia forces you to come to terms with your fears tho.  if you treat it that way
  4. lol i know that feel usually occurrs after a long night of drinking smoking and way too many cheeseburgers or occasional unmentionables. you just lay there and you know something with your body isnt right like your heart rate or tight chest and you just lay there like fuck it i might die but most likely not. too high and tired 2 care. that shit is funny because you dont die lol
  5. The one time I felt like I was dying was when I say on my roof for an hour smoking and when I tried to get back in my window, I rolled off the roof and landed in a push. I felt like I was in the air for an hour.
  6. I feel so peaceful and at ease with everything. I'd best describe it like when Fry had his 300th cup of coffee.
  7. A few times recently i have got very high and been able to feel my blood moving in and out of my heart/brain/arms/neck and i can feel my pulse everywhere and it scares me i'm going to have a stroke or heart attack. I've gotten over it but it gives me that drop on a rollercoaster feel when i can feel a fat pump of blood go in and out of my brain which makes my heart race and makes it even worse.
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    when i'm at a 10/10 high i'm so fucking stoned that i'm unable to concentrate on anything
    before that at about 8/10, if im smoking some good indica shit, i will be so high that i'm lost in utter euphoria
  9. I also think it's incredibly different when you're alone and when you're with people too. I don't know about you guys, but when I hit 10/10, it's a rollercoaster ride of fun, everything is beautiful, and everything is absolutely hilarious and nothing is wrong in the world. I also babble like a complete idiot about the stupidest of things and sometimes feel like I mumble to myself like an absolute moron. But when I'm alone, I'm kinda stuck with all my thoughts, which are fantastic none-the-less, but my brain gets this little sinking feeling. Like as if it's slowly melting and being sucked back to the point between my shoulder blades. My ears are generally really warm too, and all my senses are sort of... enlightened? I dunno. It's pretty interesting to think about :)
  10. Yeah when I'm straight zooted I'll just be staring blankly and basically the weed has taken over and is running its coarse til I come down.

    I also think weed can assist you in facing/understanding you fears and insecurities. It's like a well intended teacher that can show you the door just depends if you wanna look into the other side so to speak.

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