Feeling like Crap towards Smoking now.

Discussion in 'General' started by greatsunrise, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Man. This silly movie called Super High Me really opened up my eyes, even if it was a cheesy movie. During the movie, the main guy interviewed with cancer and hiv patients dealing with pains using marijuana. you see them crying, saying weed is the only dependable drug for them. i felt my eyes water.

    I am a senior in high school. i smoke everyday. often more than once a day. its kinda lifestyle for me now. but seeing all those people in pain made me wonder. marijuiana only gets a bad rep because of dumbass teenagers abusing it. not trying to be hypocritical, i know i am one of those teenagers.

    I kinda just feel sad i smoke now because of people who are needing it getting a bad rep because we and giggle afterwards to floyd.

    man the world around us, i dont know man.

    any thoughts?

    pce from China
  2. yeah the guy that had parkinsons from the union made me kind of down too. But I thought about it like this. THose people with diseases that are life threatening are fighting for their lives every moment. They need weed for pain relief but they cant fight, lobby, or protest prohibition for it to be decriminalized or medicalized for them.

    Its up to us who use it for recreation to fight for these people because we can where they cant. THink of us as representatives for people without the ability to represent themselves. Cause god knows the politicians and lobbiests dont.
  3. then don't be one of those dumbass teenager abusing it. they are thankful for mj because it makes their pain a little less great, dont be sad that you smoke it, be thankful that you can smoke it at your leisure without having a terrible ailment
  4. Well man, I think the herb exists for everyone, and not everyone is the same; far from it. Some happen to be stupid teenagers, some happen to be cancer patients.

    Addicts abuse painkillers, which are intended for people IN PAIN, and they definitely don't feel like shit about it.

    It's good to see you care about your reputation. Maybe you can incorporate your new feelings into your everyday actions, socially and privately. In short, don't act like a dick and flaunt the fact you smoke weed. And other than smoking weed, don't be breaking the law.

    Peace, brother.

    + rep too.
  5. the thing is, if no one use it recreational, then the governemnt would be more lenient towards those who actually use it. people make such a joke out of the proposition 215 in california. how many of those people who goes to get weed actually is sick. people abusing these rights cause people who need to use it to suffer.

    Weed is definitely great. it has opened my mind to new ideas and make me a more empowered human being, but with these thought fluttering my mind. i just kinda worry.
  6. well said man. thanks for the thoughts and care.

    much love, man.
  7. But if nobody uses it recreationally, how are we to convince the government that yes, marijuana isn't really that bad at all, for anyone to use?

    Sure, there are people who abuse the MMJ system; but you could blame doctors for that if you wanted, right? MMJ patients, you need a couple doctors to sign off on it don't you? So, it's the doctor's fault, technically, for giving that patient permission to obtain legal bud. I dunno, I feel what you're saying, but all the dishonest people will eventually get what's coming to them. If you obey the laws, don't cause trouble for anyone, and are an all-around upstanding citizen, then there's no reason you shouldn't be able to toke in the privacy of your own home.

    Just chill out, man. It's all good. Just take a big ass toke, pop a squat next to ol' Horse Lips and we'll watch some funny YouTube videos or something.:smoke:
  8. lmfao. yeah i guess its a time to take a ride away from this heavy thinking and relax and peace.
  9. Remember this next time you go to vote.

    There is a party that insists on a large government that intrudes in our every day lives, so large that it now regulates how your garage sale must operate... from 3000+ miles away. That same party constantly places greater restrictions on other smoked products.

    And that party has very close ties with unions that represent prison workers (since our 750,000+ yearly marijuana possession arrests help fill prisons). That party now holds the Presidency and Super-Majorities in the House and the Senate. They literally have the ability to govern without any concern for the objections of the minority party.

    A different party stands, as a core principle, for a small federal government allowing states to make most important decisions, like what drug laws should be and how they should be enforced.
  10. dude as long as ur not being a dick vandalizing shit etc when ur high then ur good.. if u use it to enchance your life and you be smart about it there's no problem.

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