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Discussion in 'General' started by kcsov6, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. First off no offense to any stoners.

    Lately (over the last few months) I have gotten to where I smoke every day (well at night time anyways). I usually smoke half - a whole dime which I think is a gram or 2 not really sure, whatever. It makes me feel amazing, I'm able to sleep good, and I enjoy being around my friends more. Problem is I don't have a lot of stoner friends, and I'm beginning to feel like "that burn out friend". It makes me want to stop smoking, but I can't find any real good reason, I mean I love getting high.
    I suppose I'm not addicted because I don't have withdraws when I stop or anything. I mean yeah when I'm not high I wanna be, but I'm not like aching or anything because as I've been told Marijuana is not "addictive"
    My own personal downfall of it is the price (working on growing my own tho) and the weight gain because I get the munchies like a mofo lol.

    Any advice as to should I feel this way and give up smoking? I mean I know it's my own choice, but I live in a small town of backwards thinkers so I can't really ask for advice here
  2. If you like getting high, get high.

    Fuck your friends if they think you're a burnout.

    It is your life not theirs.

    grow a pair.
  3. This. Chick tried to call me a burnout when she was shooting up infront of everyone at this party smh.
  4. At least ur not doing drugs. Fuck what people think. Do u *****. One love homeskillet dawg yo
  5. Smoke weed everyday.:cool:
  6. Who the fuck cares? Smoke weed and make a name for the marijuana users!
  7. Just don't talk to your friends about smoking all the time, keep it on the dl
  8. Thanks everyone, this helped clear things up
  9. Yeah I agree with everyone but let me add DO NOT ditch your non-stoner friends to go smoke EVER!!!

    Trust me dude I WISH I had non-stoner friends. Sometimes I just don't wanna get high.

    sounds like u got a good head on ur shoulders tho, just stay straight don't smoke more than ur smoking now and like the other guy said don't talk about pot around them so much
  10. also as far as munchies go, the best way to avoid them is to save your smoke for after your last meal. After dinner tonight ima light up and I normally don't eat after dinner so i'm just gonna enjoy the high and go to bed
  11. Thanks for the good advice Jim, I will not neglect my non-stoner friends nor judge them for their outlook on whether I should or shouldn't smoke. I'll just not bring up comments like "man I wish I was high watching this movie" or so on

  12. dime is 1 gram, dub is 2
  13. lolwat really??

    Here in the chi, a dime is halfa gram aka sawbuck.

    a dub is a gram, which is 20 bucks here
  14. Weed is pretty cheap here, I can roll 2 FAT joints or 3 average size off any dime

  15. same on LI, but that's cause we got dank ass weed and everywhere else get's middies. I'm upstate NY right now and I was pretty pumped when I found out I could get a whole g for 10$. It's middies, but I got a low-tolerance anyway and prefer to smoke a whole joint rather than get blasted off two hits.

    but generally a gram is a gram,

    dimes are 10$ bags

    dubs are 20$ bags
  16. if I were you i'd slowly peer pressure all of my friends into smoking weed. eventually, we'd take down the whole town. then we'd be one big friendly and happy town instead of a small backwards ass or whatever you were saying town.

    idk, just my two cents
  17. Yeah mids usually cost that much here

  18. False, cali chron :cool:

    but yeah i get a 2.5 dub of some primo green. my main dealer knows a grower for the clubs so i usually just hit him up instead of driving 15-20 minutes to the dispensary.
    But i wasnt thinking about other states weed rates, my friend goes to college out east now and he gets weed from the bay shipped over there from our connect. so he pays around 1500 for a pound of cali buds and doubles it.

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