Feeling in your head tells you what to do?

Discussion in 'General' started by married2mj, May 6, 2011.

  1. I'm not sure if this is me or not idk because I haven't had this forever. But like maybe for a year now? Anyway, whenever I'm doing something, like an action, or talking to someone or anything that takes decision making at all, there's like this feeling I get telling me what to do.

    If I'm "doing it right" I'll get this really pleasant clear-headed feeling. But when I do it "wrong" I'll get this shitty feeling in my head almost telling me to correct myself. And it works so fast yet is so noticeable I could often react in time to what it's telling me.

    The feeling's smarter than my conscious mind, yet it's coming from the same brain. And the feeling's always right it seems. It always gives me the appropriate action for the situation, weighing out all the factors and what's going on and everything. Its crazy.

    Sometimes it bothers me because I'll be focusing on it too much but in a way it's cool and I've actually taught my conscious mind a lot through this.

    I talked to a professional about this and he didn't even really say anything about it. I had it really bad a year ago when i was on the drug risperdal but without that drug it doesn't bother me as much but it's still noticeable.

    Can anyone relate to this and is it normal?

    Don't tell me to seek medical help I'm just curious to how normal it is.

    I've had some anxiety and it wasn't til a year ago when I got the risperdal and then other medications that were better suited that I did start noticing this. And I've noticed that if I'm in really anxious situations I don't even really notice it so maybe it has to do with anxiety and I've just not known about this ability the brain has because the anxiety had blocked it???? idk?

    It doesn't help me on exams though :rolleyes:

    tl/dr: past year i've gotten these feelings that direct me towards "correct" actions and think it might be because of medications but not sure completely. anyone else get this?
  2. Everyone has an inbuilt moral compass man, you're probably just experiencing that. :confused: It's good to articulate the difference between right and wrong. :D
  3. eeeetzcool.

    alot of people just silence that intuition and become politicians so they can blow shit up
  4. isn't this known as your conscience?
  5. morals and rationalization

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