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Feeling high after a week of sobriety. Any ideas why?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by parcheesed, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. So when i used to smoke daily, I'd practically be high or feel something that definitely isn't sober close to 24/7, but as of Jan 1st I've been on a T-break. Today is day 8 of this.

    Right now i definitely feel as though I'd just smoked marijuana and i know i haven't and I've felt this way since about an hour ago. I haven't even been around it today or in the last 8 days. Today all that i did was go longboarding, eat sushi and then sit in a hot tub for about 2 hours.

    Any ideas why i feel this way? I didn't think it was possible for marijuana to make you feel high days after not smoking it, but that's literally what it feels like, just not as intense. I do have to say though the feeling is fucking amazing. [​IMG]
  2. All in your head, sometimes after long periods of smoking your brain plays tricks on you.

    Sober feels high to me after long periods of times of being high. It's really bad when you start to get a workout going.
  3. you are full of shit
  4. It's called being sober!! It's a good thing to be once in a while man!
  5. DUDE, yes! today is my 11th day and I randomly feel high, especially when I'm with my friends. it's the withdrawal. only 5 more months to go..

    good luck!
  6. you are high on life. the best kind of high. enjoy. ;)
  7. This is either day 18 or 19...I have about 2 weeks to go. Longest break since I started smoking ever...I smoked everyday for about a year straight anywhere from 2-3gs

  8. and how do you feel? cant wait to start smoking again or what?
  9. Right? exactly, i think having a damn good day with my friends is partly the reason. Good luck to you too man! :D
  10. The first day, I was amped....to start again, still has not changed much. I even ending up buying a celebatory bong and a sick bowl for it. I've had it for about two weeks now and I'm getting stoked to smoke out of it.

    About the time my break is up some real good bubble hash is coming in town along with the usual good dank. Going to break the new member of my family in rightful
  11. It isnt good for your body to be in a hottub for more then 15 minutes.l

  12. It is not "withdrawals".

    It is just all in your mind OP, as long as bud is the only thing you have done.
    I know sometimes I find myself tripping for a couple seconds, but yeah thats not from marijuana..
  13. People who get stoned all the time often mistake natural euphoria and happiness with "feeling high". You're just high on life lol

    If I feel good, I must be on drugs!

  14. hahahahahahahaha
  15. That usually happens to me about 1-3 days after i smoke, I get sudden feelings that I'm high and I feel high. Kinda like flashbacks
  16. Thc is stored in fat cells, so maybe when you went long boarding you started to burn some fat and then the hot tub increased your metabolism and started to replace the thc with some water and therefore releasing it in your brain?
    idk but ive had the same feeling and it was like right after running a few miles so i figured i burned up some fat with thc in it

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