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feeling guilty??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bingos, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. most of the time after i smoke i feel guilty and end up throwing my shit away in a dramatic attempt to solve things(twice ive thrown away over a gram). when im coming down it usually happens and i trick myself into believeing im some heroin junky who relys on drugs to function when ive done weed no more than 20 times. i think its just i think to much on weed and my thought runaway. an suggestions to solve this problem? i cant choose between stavia or indica i just get what i get from my middle man. also some extra info i have had over 3 panick attacks from smoking to much. i know you guys arnt psycologists but help me out.
  2. I felt this way when I first started smoking. Although i didn't take it as far as heroin, I still felt like a druggy since marijuana was the first drug I used. I then educated myself on the the facts and that helped me alot pschologically. It's not half as bad as you make it out to be and you'll learn that through experience.
  3. What KrimsonKush said.

    But also, if you smoke slower and/or space out smoking sessions over an hour or two, you'll ease into the high waaay better and your thoughts won't start racing and you wont feel guilty.

    One time, i went to go smoke a joint but didn't have much time so I just burned through the thing asap and I ended up sitting at my computer crying for an hour thinking about all the terrible things I had done in my life. I woke up the next morning and laughed sooo hard about it. This had never happened to me before and at the time I had been smoking for about a year. Hasn't happened since.
  4. What........

    You know this forums about pot right?
  5. Just remember your sober self thought it was a good idea.

  6. Great point!
  7. As long as you have your priorities straight in life feel free to smoke and feel weird! :rolleyes:
    I understand what you're saying and nothing can change this except a little more experience with the weed and taking it a little slower perhaps. Thinking back on the night I stopped my 8 month T-break I felt like such a junky. I was having a great night, I took a hit felt horrible but in an awesome way because I felt like I wanted to get high. I swore to never pick up the stuff again from that night on at least for a few more weeks or so.. Next morning ripped the biggest bowl ever.. Was a great day. :smoke: Just make sure everything in life is going according to plan, you're working hard at your job, you have everything in order. Nothing to feel guilty about other than "Why do I deserve this amazing weed while sick people go without!?". Perhaps eat a nice meal before smoking or right after to cool off from the racing thoughts. Just trying to help. Best of luck, nothing to worry about! :hello:
  8. Was de fuch? Nein?
  9. ive probably been high like 4000 times and trust me its nothing to feel guilty about lol
  10. gonna pm you my address for those times you wanna get rid of all your weed...
  11. every once in a while i feel like im letting my parents down. but then i remember that weed is nothing to be ashamed of. i dont drink or smoke tobacco (aside from the occasional blunt) both of which have negative effects on the body. weed is a beautiful thing, its the only thing that has ever helped me fall asleep and wake up refreshed. usually it takes me like almost 2 hours to actually wake up and be ready to do stuff. if i smoke the night before im ready to go in 30 minutes and thats including a shower, plus i feel amazing. i wake up in a good mood rather than feeling like shit.

  12. I have only read the original post.. but I think the same exact thing happened to me when I first started smoking.. the third of fourth time I ever smoked I had a pretty bad panic attack. it scared me away from it for a week or two and I started up again, noticed after that when I would smoke I would be super paranoid. I never felt guilty BUT I grew up in a home with hippies who from the start taught me it's a natural plant and NOT a gateway drug.
    I would be paranoid every time I smoked for about 2 months.. however that was in the beginning and obviously not enough of a problem to quit :)

    anyway - my only suggestion on chillin out when you smoke is to just take it slow.. hit your joint/blunt/glass just a couple hits at a time and then go back a few minutes later. That was about the only thing that helped with panic attacks when I first started smoking. also your environment prob has a lot to do with that stuff. try to make sure you're smoking in a comfortable area..
    other than that i dunno, just wanted to put my opinion out there.
  13. you need to change your perspective about weed.

    to even compare it to shit like Heroin proves you have the wrong mentality

    do your research on Cannabis before you label it for something its not

    and stop tripping the fuck out , its just weed
  14. Sweetie, you got old Harry Anslinger's ghost whispering in your ear! ;)

    Time to banish his voice! :D

    Click that fist link in my sig and just start reading the TRUTH about cannabis! You have been lied to! Cannabis is NOT what you have been lead to believe it is! :eek: It is SO much more!

    The truth shall set you free! :hello:

    Granny :wave: (toking for over 40 years!)
  15. you should feel guilty about throwing away that weed....
  16. OP a softy, he cain't handle the GAME niqqaz :D
  17. i know right :D
  18. Well ive had this before and i was around 15years old , so im guessing your under age and shouldn't be smoking in the first place ! cannabis is a great plant!

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