Feeling guilty, need to vent

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  1. so i'm going to amsterdam this sunday with a friend, and this whole silly situation is spoiling the excitement. :(

    my friends were at the pub last night, i decided not to go because a kid who robbed me when i was 18 (i'm 21 now) was at the pub. i decided not so much out of fear, but because i didn't want to be in that situation that i wouldn't go.

    anyway my friend who i'm going to dam with calls me up telling me to go down. he told me i should move past what happened and go anyway but i didn't want to. anyway he starts saying how i've let him down because he wants to see me but i won't go because of that guy.

    i dunno if he was drunk, or if he really meant it. i feel pretty bad, i hate confrontations. especially with the guy i'm going on holiday with in 6 days.

    it was my decision not to go because i wanted to avoid being in a situation with the guy that robbed me, not to mention i've never liked big alcohol involved social gatherings and he's very aware of that.

    dunno how to feel. but i feel sort of guilty. my friend who was with me when he called said i should've been pissed off because of the insensitivity my friend showed who should know me better.
  2. i feel like your friend should've been able to understand that you didn't want to be in that situation. especially when you don't really like alcohol.

    i don't think you should feel guilty :smoke:
    & have fun in amsterdam!
  3. R u a girl?
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    lol nah, just a pussy. :rolleyes:


    i feel vented now. i've spoken to him and we're all good. :)
  5. he was just drunk he prob dont even remember
  6. Yeah..he was probably drunk.

    I've told girls I've loved them when I was drunk, just so they would come pick me up and take me to get food.
  7. I think you did the right thing, and I'm sorry your friend doesn't understand why you wouldn't want to hang with someone who robbed you.
  8. If he was a real friend he would have helped you whoop the kids ass who robbed you 3 years ago

    nevermind you said you were a pussy
  9. why do you feel guilty? even if your friend thinks that you let him down, he is wrong. No use feeling bad about someone being an idiot, you only hurt yourself. Guilt is a very powerful tool, when you let it be....
  10. dont feel bad, man. i've done similar shit, nothing to worry or feel guilty about. you can't live your live trying to please and satisfy other's all the time. whoever asked if he was a girl, the situation could be looked at the other way, whereas the guy making him feel guilty for not hanging out, what kind of man does that?
  11. Yeah come on man I think you just had a bit much to smoke and had some silly thoughts. He wasn't really mad at you and if he was then he can't have been much of a friend!
  12. Dude if you don't want to go somewhere or do something you don't have to. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Guilting someone into doing something they have no interest in doing is a scumbag thing to do. Why force someone into misery?
  13. This. You passed up a golden oppurtunity lol he was even drunk probably

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