Feeling guilty for smoking weed? HELP

Discussion in 'General' started by Jswiiz, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone, well let my just start by saying I've been feeling dull lately, I've been smoking a lot, just kind of laying around not really getting much done. I need to go make some more money, I met a girl about 3 weeks ago and we haven't got to hangout yet, i just feel like i need to get things rolling. This typically happens when i start smoking often, i feel unproductive, incomplete and pretty worthless. I am a very productive person, and I'm only happy when I'm working on something. I used to play a lot of video games, so that would keep me content, i've given up serious gaming just because i think it's a waste of time. I need a new hobby, i ride BMX bikes, workout, and spend time with friends. I was really looking forward to 420, and thought it'd be a special day. I hung out with friends, they all didn't have weed, i smoked them down and they just complained about EVERYTHING. They first complained about how my bowl gives a lot of ash, then about the weed, and just pointless things. They all ended up getting really high and i thought that's all that matters. Hanging out with friends has been boring lately, and i think i'm getting sick of smoking and hanging out everyday. I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a hobby, in my alone time i usually read the news, watch politics, and research things i'm interested in. I usually do things around the neighborhood for money, and i haven't been handing out flyers lately. I feel like i need to get things done and maybe take a tolerance break, recollect my thoughts and make more money. Anybody ever feel similar, any suggestions and pieces of advice are welcome. Let me recap one more time, i feel guilty for laying around a lot and just kind of letting things pass me by. Any suggestions on how i can become more productive/hobbies/thoughts on this problem are welcome! Thanks GC! :rolleyes:
  2. Just drink beer
  3. Bump- any advice for keeping productive while regularly smoking?
  4. Ya, either do work high or stop smoking.
  5. Just drink beer
  6. Hang in there! Tomorrow will be better.
  7. lol smoke weed while your doing productive stuff? just a thought though
  8. Reward yourself after doing something productive with a bowl.
  9. just take a short break to see how it goes and how it feels and then decide from there!
  10. Thanks everybody! Great suggestions, I think I'm going to take a couple day break and start doing things then rewarding myself with a bowl, also any suggestions for a sober hobby i can take up?
  11. (not video game related i feel those are a waste of time)
  12. Bump- still looking for suggestions!
  13. Get high and contemplate...
  14. do stuff high, its fun
  15. Start growing
  16. UPDATE- Yesterday, i passed out fliers for about 2 hours, did my housecleaning shit and finished my homework, i rewarded myself with a bowl. I think that's what ill be doing from now on; finishing important things i need to do and then reward myself with a bowl. Thanks for the suggestions!
  17. Try seeing if your town has adult intermural (sp?) sports. Even my small ass town has a basketball league.
  18. Bowling..meetings..Parks...Gym...Coffee shop...Borders book store...Find someone to walk with or ride a bike with.
    Ummm..Ok I am stumped.

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