Feeling guilty about smoking weed

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  1. I have been smoking daily since the beginning of freshman year in college. The school year ended and I took a month off to pass a drug test for a job. I've started to smoke again but my friends from home don't smoke. They think I'm an addict and that I need to stop. How do I make them understand that its not a problem ?

  2. you're not gonna convince someone who doesn't wanna understand, just don't smoke around them.
  3. ^ ^ Hes right man, just dont smoke around them, or get real facts about weed
    Or..... leave a plate of brownies out, edible brownies, if your friends reaction
    was whoa this is awesome, tell em it was weed. If they didnt, deny, deny, deny
    Did the same with my parents, they're a bunch of potheads now  :smoke:
  4. I don't think drugging your friends is gonna make them think your less of an addict haha
  5. Never said you HAD too.... 
    Just a suggestion.....
  6. Lol omg dude thats the funniest shit ever lol
  7. Just think it out. No one gets to live your life. Its you! :confused_2: 
    Also I've had times where no one I know smoked. But eventually you get to meet new people who smoke, and then everything's alright again. :yay:
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    Dont feel guilty, you should feel sorry for your freind for being ignorant and calling ppl addicts, sounds like he needs the herb the most

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