Feeling guilty about smoking weed

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  1. I have been smoking daily since the beginning of freshman year in college. The school year ended and I took a month off to pass a drug test for a job. I've started to smoke again but my friends from home don't smoke. They think I'm an addict and that I need to stop. How do I make them understand that its not a problem ?

  2. Just don't smoke all the time. As a daily smoker I will tell u that in my own personal experience, less is more. U get more high the less u smoke regarding tolerance, and u become more productive when ur not in a zombie state all the time. Don't throw away ur college years by just blazing ur days away just do it in moderation, find a hobby, hang with ur friends or whatever!
  3. Smoke to you stop giving a fuck....
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    You shouldn't feel guilty about smoking if its something you enjoy.  Weed is a magical thing.  You shouldn't worry what people think of you.  That's their reality not yours. Use your head convince the people you think wouldn't judge you.  Some people will be impossible to convince.

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