Feeling guilty about smoking weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by therollerandtheholder, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. I've been smoking daily since the beginning of freshman year of college. The school year ended and I took a month off. I'm back into smoking but my friends from home are all super straight edged. They keep telling me I'm an addict and that I need to stop. I love smoking and don't want to stop but how can I make my friends understand that its not a problem?

  2. Tell them they're addicts to tv and food and shit
  3. Tell them to kiss your black ass, and don't be worried about what you do because your pimp hand is strong, and you can do what the fuck you wanna do.
  4. Weed > friends
  5. All of human culture is an illusion. Institutionalized education is a construct. 
    It's not an illusion it exists can't really argue with it...it is however in my opinion a farce.
  7. if they cant accept you for who you are they shouldn't be your friends imo.
  8. Why did you post this three times?
  9. Live below the influence. God damn sobers!
  10. This made me laugh so hard haha

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  11. Stay high or die!!!!
  12. Inject them with heroine then see who turns into the addict. 

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