Feeling down...younger sister moved out

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  1. So I'm still living at home.  I was a freshman when my older sister was a senior in high-school.  After she graduated she went away to college in August.  She lived at school basically the whole time she was at college.  One summer she went on a road trip to Cali.  So she was never around as much anymore. She lived not too far from us but eventually she married this guy.  It was her high-school sweetheart so that was cool.  She still comes to town fairly frequently and it's good because his family is still here.
    But I was real upset when we dropped my sister off to college.  I could just remember just how different it was going to be with her no longer around.
    Despite all the shit she gave me, I was still going to miss her.  She was funny and cool, I liked hanging out with her.
    Anyway, years later I'm living at home, just didn't want to leave for many reasons.  I still feel like I almost have to stay here just to stay close to my family.  It's hard to explain....

    But my younger sister moved out.  She wasn't home that often and when she was here she was kind of annoyed a lot of the time.  She always wanted to move out.  A lot of times she'd get on my nerves with things she did here.  But I'm sitting here late at night doing some work and it's just total silence in the house.  Knowing my sisters no longer going to come home at any time.  It's just me, my parents, and my dog.  It's going to be different...  Anything you guys can say to cheer me up is welcome right now.
  2. You have separation anxiety issues.  What you need is to start stretching your horizons a bit.  Family dynamics change as members grow older.  That's a fact of life. There is nothing you can do about it.  What you can do is work on setting up your own life and your own priorities.  Get out and do stuff.  Find a hobby/craft/sport/set of friends that will challenge and fulfill you.    
    Your family will always be your family no matter where they live.  Their priorities will change but never their love.  You will always have it.  Once you realize that you can focus on you.  
    Get out of that house before your fears become pathological and you turn into the crazy cat "lady" down the block.  (kidding)
    This is a part of life.  People come and go and sometimes it hurts.  But one thing you can always count on is your family's love.   
  3. People come and go throughout one's life.  At least with families, you can always take a trip and have a visit.
    Find a way to deal with it in a positive way or it may deal with you most unpleasantly.
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    This is the best thing Ive read all day.

    The damn truth.
  5. Wish my brother would move out lol

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  6. Git high!!!
  7. life is all about falling down, and getting back up. the trick is to not stay down. move out of your parents house yourself. you will feel better, and your parents will be happier. I'm sure they would like to have a chance to live alone together for once. and living on your own is an amazing experience.   :metal:  :bongin:
  8. I felt similar when my older brother went off to Job Corps. I missed him and all his weird quirky things he does a lot. Then one day they sent him back on a sort of "medical leave", and after the time apart I remembered how annoying and irrational he can be. The point of the story is sometimes you really think you miss someone, whereas you really only miss the good things about them. You may not be in the same boat as I was, but just thought I'd give my two cents.
  9. lulz I was in an opposite situation.. love my sister but she was crazy as hell.
  10. Stay strong man,my older sister few years older then me bought a one way ticket to half way across the world, it's really one of the hardest things I've come across, I have no one to share my feelings and shit like that with, it sucks man, but yeah just keep your mind busy, be greatfull bro she lives in the same country as you, and check out the Grasscity humor section it will cheer you up for sure.
  11. what job corps did he go too?
  12. Tongue Point (Astoria), OR. We live in Washington but he wanted to do CST so he went to Astoria instead of anywhere nearby
  13. Your sister needs to move on with her adult life and you need to move on with yours.

    Start by finding a nice girlfriend to smoke weed and travel with.
  14. Fire up a bowl in your little sister's name. Then get drunk and move into your older sister's college dorm.
  15. Sometimes it physically pains me when you hold back your sarcastic comments...

    @op. It happens, people grow up. Take your dog on a walk or something and get some fresh air.
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  17. Carne Seca hit the nail on the head. Basically, you have to focus on yourself and growing up is a part of life that is essential. Taking care of yourself is good since you develop responsibility. Your family will always be there when you need them. Take the plunge and dive in and make something of yourself. You are only young once and doing it when you are young is the best time. Obviously, as you get older, your opportunities won't be as apparent so take advantage now!
  18. Thanks a lot.  Your response definitely helped the most.  I definitely have separation anxiety, makes a lot of sense anyway.  Over the years I found out what anxiety was and felt that it described what I was feeling in certain situations.  I don't know if weed has helped or made it worse.
    Hopefully I can overcome it because it's terrible.  Thanks for your help...some responses actually made me feel worse so it was great to have your response first.
  19. Feeling happy my fat ugly sister moved on the 1st :)

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