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Feeling distant.[friend problems]

Discussion in 'General' started by fly society, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Wassup Grasscity?

    For a couple days now i have been feeling really distant from the world. I can't really say a bad or good way,but you know how sometimes you feel completly drained,and you just wanna smoke n just collect your thoughts. Thats how i feel,but maybe its because i just had a birthday. I really can't say were my life is going,i had a crazy bday weekend[my bday was sunday] n shit just opened my eyes that i let alot of shit pass threw my fingertips. I lost alot of so called friends,n i cant really trust my so called "best friend".

    Tell me something. What type of friend coccbloccs you on purpose,to seem funny and tries to call out personal things in front of strangers. A weak douchbag does something like that. Besides my friend doing that 2 me in front of a girl i was trying to talk to,i just feel like my life is moving slow and if i dont cut some people off n move on with it;i will go nowere.

    maybe im just venting,but fucc friends. tryna hold me bacc,steal from me,treat me wrong and what not. I don't need a friend for a damn thing.

    Im realizing alot about myself, and maybe its the weed im smoking,or maybe its just "my time to shine" because b4 my birthday i was just ignoring this feeling that maybe something isnt right.

    Sad,really,how i can't trust my best friend when i only wanted the best for him. Its sad when he plots on me when i always pray for him. Its sad when i let him in my house and he tried to steal a digital camera,which diddnt even work.

    That shit drains me.

    Life drains me.

    smoke one for me
  2. Hey dude. That time came in my life too. The easiest way to unburden yourself is to just wipe the slate clean and start over. That's always worked for me and I think it may work for you if I'm perceiving your situation correctly :smoking:
  3. do u no how i could do that.

    do u mean just leave everyone alone, n make new friends?
  4. a good friend is a dime in a dozen man, find one and stick with one. i remain introverted for a reason.
  5. Yup

    Friends are nothing more than known enemies. Only a select few can be 'real' friends, find them.
  6. but basically

    he walked all the way over 2 me n this girl who i was talking to at a party

    n he was tryna talk 2 her also

    n u could tell she wasnt feelin him,moving away from him

    i mean wtf why would u even do that 2 ya boy?

    shit is crazy how cats act.

    n he said he was doing it on purpose
    but the whole night he was tryna call me out on shit.

    just st8 bitchassness

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