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Feeling achy after smoking

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DaveyWavey, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Hey guys i had a question so today i got some nice weed and rolled it up into a blunt and smoked with a few friends. I was the final one to take the last hit but before i could someone one said to "woo-tang" it which aparently means to just swallow the whole i did. So after while sitting down coming down from it my legs started to get sore and ache and then after that my whole body started to ache and i was wondering what happend to make them ache? and what i can do to stop it from aching? its been alittle over 3 hours and im still achy. Also im not sure if its important to add that i just got over from being sick :confused: :metal:
  2. Ohhh shit! You ate the roach?! You got marijuana poisoning now my friend. Your bathroom will be your best friend in a couple hours.
  3. your body is still recovering from your sickness youll be fine sleep it off and wake and bake and youll be fine dr's orders
  4. Why the fuck would you swallow a roach? That sounds terrible.. no matter what it's called :confused:

    Idk, try stretching. That helps when my legs hurt. It's weird that it's only your legs.. have you exercised them more than usual lately?
  5. Oh God. Eating a roach. Biggest scoob you'll ever eat :L
  6. Let me guess, they also make you do a desk pop?
  7. Ahh nasty, have you ever seen whats on the inside of an unrolled roach?

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