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Feeling a lot higher than other people after smoking..?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Road RunneR, Feb 12, 2009.

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    I've been lurking for a few weeks now, but this is my first post, so I figured it would be best put in the Apprentice Tokers section.

    Anyways, it seems like every time I smoke (I always smoke with my one friend, then we usually get one or two other various people to join us), that I either get much higher than he does or I just have not gained much at all of a tolerance over the course of the last year, smoking a few bowls every weekend.

    Or maybe the way my mind works is just way different than most people I smoke with?

    Here's why:

    We'll pack two or three bowls then head back to chill in our dorm, play video games, watch a movie, chill, whatever.. I feel great after smoking, my eyes get really bloodshot, always a good high after a couple bowls. I always mention things that I usually don't mention when sober, like I'll observe things that everyone else sees but I look at it a different way, then when I tell my friends about it they'll just laugh almost like they're sober laughing at the only non-sober person there, or they don't understand what I'm saying and think I'm just being stupid..

    I'll laugh at almost everything. Often times me and someone else will just go off laughing about the stupidest things but it's one of those uncontrollable laughter sessions where you couldn't keep a straight face if you're life depended on it.. Some times I'll just find something super funny and laugh about it myself and nobody else will see it as funny.

    When I smoke with some of my old friends in the summer, they are alot more like me when high, but with the people I smoke with now, it seems like everyone is alot more calm while I'm alot more ecstatic when high..

    My friend I smoke with now wants to freaking video tape me after we smoke because he says I say really stupid things and act hilarious.. I'm no lightweight, I smoke just as much as everyone else we smoke with does, but for some reason few act like I do every time..

    It's almost like I am acting like someone would if they were drunk, but I haven't drank anything all day..

    I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else just gets into so great of a mood that everything just becomes much more vibrant, you observe things in different ways, and laugh uncontrollably at random things?

    This is the way I feel EVERY time after I smoke.. Some times they will be slightly different highs, like I'll interpret things differently and relate them to one bigger picture, but I am always observant as hell and laugh at almost everything..

    If nobody can understand what I'm trying to say, let me know.. I want to see what people have to say about this.
  2. Yeah, I've experienced that before. It sounds like you either need to A. Start smoking with someone else or B. If you really like this kid and you are willing to sacrifice some weed to have some more fun, just let him smoke a more weed then you. He would appreciate it.

    I have a friend who has a better tolerance then me, so we have a system where we match a bowl (out of my bong), which allows us each to take two hits. When we are done with that bowl, he packs a small one for himself and we usually are equally high and always have a great time.
  3. Yeah man this is just like me. I only smoke a few bowls on the weekends but have been for a while. It's just that your tolerance is still low or your high is different. But for me that's a good thing lol. Glad to hear you have good highs like this.
  4. This has happened to me before too. I get all giggly while my friends seem to be acting completely normal. I guess it depends on the type of person you are. You'll eventually learn to control yourself around others. But I still like it when we all start laughing at random stuff together.
  5. Alright, cause yea I love the way I feel and I don't care if I say stupid things around them, I just put more thought into it after I sober up then they tell me what I was acting like.. and I'm like you guys need to smoke more, I felt great.

    They tell me that they're blazed too and I know they smoked as much as I did, but seeing the way they act is just wayyy more chill than I am.. I like when people relate to my high and we interpret things the same and have mad laughing sessions, it's the best. :D
  6. how long have you been smoking? cause thats a huge thing.
  7. Last two years every now and then, but a few bowls, bongs, or blunts, every weekend since October..

    I know that is definitely not considered a lot, but it isn't like it's one of my first times.. I try to work out pretty often, so maybe that helps keep the tolerance low? I dunno but I like the way it's been going.
  8. when I was little I used to get super baked like every single time I smoked cuz I used to tag along with my bro and his friends and they always had really fat bags haha, good times :) I was there source of entertainment, I got free smoke ups ^^ all works out
    anyways.. I dunno, maybe you just have a naturally low tolerance to THC :) Keep it green man

  9. could just be your personality, people react differently to weed. I dont think working out affects tolerance because I work out and dont notice any effect.
  10. you sound like my smoking friend, in fact you might be lol. I started smoking weekendly around October also, started smoking late August. I have a high tolerance or something because unless if I vaped once or twice, my highs not that amazing, more chill and a little buzz, like from a black. Best guess is that you let your friends take a few more hits then you even if it's your weed. When your gone and you know it, you shouldn't make them stop or keep going with em. Your high, they might not be, it's unfair that they have high tolerance. Trust me, you get em fucked up they'll be right there with you.
  11. I get like this too but not all the all the time. I like it because I'm having more fun and even if the people around me are experiencing a different kind of high they can still appreciate and enjoy my high. Well usually I hang around friends like me but sometimes I'm with people that have been smoking all day everyday for years and simply don't get as giddy as I do. Maybe because I'm a girl idk but they don't find it annoying (trust me they would tell me) but endearing. They say they wish they could still feel how I feel. So I say enjoy it while you still do.
  12. you will not have a tolerence if you smoke every weekend, smoke more weed
  13. qft.

    When i first started I wanted to have a higher tolerance for basically the same reason as you. But now my tolerance IS going up and I miss the old times.
  14. #14 Road RunneR, Feb 12, 2009
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    No man, haha. I don't want to build up a tolerance, and I hope I won't just smoking a few times every weekend..

    Believe me, I'd smoke right now if I had some.. but I don't work right now, just in the summers, so I'm on a budget for the time being. This is giving me good patience for when the summer rolls around and I'm gonna want to smoke every day.

    I think next time on the last bowl pack I'll see how good I am then just tell my buddies to hit the rest and see how that goes.
  15. the friends I used to smoke with acted like that too it was opposite however because I smoked more often so they would try to keep up with me. Thing is they got so blasted that they just spaced out completely and got couch locked. You need to keep your mind and often times your body active to keep the high nice and upbeat otherwise you just space.
  16. For a while when I first started smoking I acted exactly like that. All my friends and I would act like you described. Then as we kept smoking I got more chill. It seems that way with all of my friends. I do know some dumb ass kids I smoked with a few times who acted like fucking retards every time they were high (like they were acting) and I wanted to punch them in the face. Not saying you are annoying like them, shit I wish I still felt that way, in another sense I can function a lot better now than I could back then.
  17. Yea, there is one friend of mine back home that just started smoking with us and his first couple times he didn't even inhale correctly even though we told him exactly how to (I think he was scared or something) but he acted like a freaking spaz.. he was bouncing off walls and saying "I wanna get more high" while me and everyone else are like you need to inhale man, because we for sure couldn't take any more..

    So no, I'm not annoying like that, I just know I'm not quite as chill as alot of other people after smoking..

    I'd like to say I'm pretty damn chill sober though, but that's my opinion..
  18. OH MY GOD

    I made an account just to answer this post! I felt like I was reading my own writing. That is exactly how I feel! I never used to get high either, from my junior year in HS to my beginning of soph year in college, I barely even got high or just got regular high, maybe less high than other people I was smoking with, noticeably. I didn't hate smoking, but I didn't really get it, to be honest, I thought people who bought pot regularly and had that whole hippie personality were just making a really big deal about something that wasn't even that great, marijuana. Now...I totally understand. I can't believe it took this long to hit me! Sometimes though, when I feel like I am THIS high which is almost every time, I feel really self conscious and, almost, awkward. I feel like everyone thinks I am over-acting and stuff when really I am more 'messed up' than a drunk person! I can't believe there is someone else out there, I thought my brain was just really different or something, the way I perceive things when I am high.
  19. Nice man, I think lol. I agree with the being more messed up than a drunk person.. well, it's a different kind of 'messed up', but still.. I think it's just because I have a low tolerance, being a weekend smoker, but whatever.. I still feel this way but I've been letting my friends smoke more and I think we're getting to be more on the same level.

    In the end though, MJ effects everyone differently.. I like the way MJ's been treating me!
  20. I don't miss those days. I enjoy being able to incorporate smoking into my everyday life.

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