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  1. Hey guys what is up. My name is James, I am a jazz musician from B.C.
    Totally just wanted to tell you guys about how awesome my life has been lately.. (is that cocky? I am not sure). First some background, I used to be super insecure back in my high school days, thought everybody hated me , you know, typical high school kid. Always wondered how everybody was more popular than me, how they got all of the girls all of that shit. Just straight up miserable , and I was depressed for about a year, like full on sadness all of the time, couldn't play my saxophone cause I kept hating what I heard. That's like the first part of the story. After a while I got sick of feeling like shit all of the time and said I was gonna turn it around, started working my ass off playing my sax, starting living for myself not other people's approval. People, it has been paying off, I have a sweet ass girlfriend now who tokes as much as me. I got accepted to a prestigious college in Ontario, with an entrance scholarship (please note I graduated a few years ago, not underage) and just startin to feel the love coming from all angles. So, if any of you guys out there are feeling down... stop giving a shit about anyone else besides yourself. Love yourself first and the rest will come! I didn't believe it till it happened to me! So spreading some love on here and hoping you guys are having an awesome day!
    (pretty high, so maybe I will regret this post)
    Peace and Pot my friends :eek:
  2. Glad to hear it brother! It's funny how that works: when you're worried about people liking you, the don't end up liking you. When you couldn't give two shits, they love you! Who knows how people work, man.

    What kinda sax you play? I'm an alto fan myself, but every saxophone is beautiful. One of the best instruments in existence, in my opinion. A good sax player can be an almost religious experience. Especially with some primo bud.

    Toke on!
  3. Tenor sax my friend. I have a myspace with a few tunes if you're interested in it. Basically my life these days.. so fun to play, its amazing being able to create your own music.. I reccomend that everyone learn an instrument
  4. Straight dope man. Sometimes I just like to read positive threads.

    I played alto all through elementary, jr high and high school. Jazz band and band and whatnot. I appreciate the sax.

    I play bass too in a band with my dudes. Brought it to school to play in the off time and practice. Sometimes bass gets dreary by yourself due to it just being rhythm so ive moved on to teaching myself banjo.

    I agree, people should find an instrument and play.
  5. glad to hear u were able to turn ur life around, very inspirational!
  6. how do i learn to not give a fuck what others think? haha sounds like a retarded question but ive been trying for a while... its a problem of mine i know i shouldnt care but i do hah, not to take the topic off your thread. Congratulations, good to hear some positive vibes!
  7. well.. you're gonna hate this answer, but basically you have to actually just stop caring. Live for yourself, if something makes you happy pursue it, and don't let anyones judgement obscure your goals.. essentially, thats how it is done. Also just realize that even though you think people are judging you, they probably are not at all.
  8. Make some songs like Tyga or Wizz, and you will be cool
  9. I'm kind of in the same boat as 4 20. It's like sometimes i have my not give a fuck phases and life is great, good friends easy to talk to gorgeous girls. And then there are phases such as right now of depression and insecurity. In high school i used to not give a fuck and i pretty much got almost any girl i wanted (not trying to be cocky i was just a lot more confident). As of now, i look back on my high school days and i absolutely despise who i was. I feel like i'm a lot more understanding and caring right now about life and humanity, and a better person in general. But it was a complete trade off because now i'm insecure and have zero confidence. Here's an example: I know i'm not terrible looking, but i wear glasses and i never wore them in highschool, i get questions like "don't you have contacts?" and random shit basically people saying i look better without glasses, but in my mind i feel like i'd rather wear glasses and be my nerdy fucking self to deter unwanted shallow people anyways.

    I don't know honestly, right now i'm 21 in college and i want to have an awesome girlfriend, "fall in love" all that bullshit, but i keep telling myself it'll happen later when i figure myself out more i guess. I really sound like i'm falling apart lmao. I really don't seem this crazy it's just pent up stress and shit i suppose. Anyways advice would help.


    tl;dr I have no confidence.

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