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  1. The 2nd year anniversary of my brother and dads death is coming up. There's a lot going on in my head right now and I'm suddenly being overwhelmed by a rush of emotions. Its my last year in hs and im slacking off, i was a AB student taking IB classes and now i have missing work in so many of them. My teacher at school literally verbally abuses my in class (there are 5 kids in the class IB Psychology HL), I missed one of his classes last week because the night before my sister had attempted suicide and i found her, and i came into class and he asked my how my day skipping was and started interrogating me and being already emotional my eyes teared up and he said wow you're galleries must be kicking in today huh! anyways im doing homework for this fucking dickhead teacher, im going to toilet paper his house decided that its not as bad as egging it. anyways whatever sorry for my rant

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  2. Ahh yikes, don't be sorry, let it out haha!
    Hang in there, definitely seems sad and i'm sorry to hear that, but definitely don't let the teacher get to you. I know it's hard and they can be so demanding and on you about homework and this and that, but there just a teacher, it's there job and some of them suck at it so don't let it bother you, simply ignore them if they are rude.. 
    Egging can be pretty crucial sometimes, I did it a few times and the eggs broke the shutters on the sides of a window once. Another time I egged a house I through it and the window was open and it hit the screen and broke, and the contents forced there way into there actual home, that was nice. :smoke: 
    They were all for good causes, i'm glad you are planning on going with the toilet paper. I've been having a tough time too, got to move out of my current apartment at the end of the month, haven't even looked at any places yet as I was short money.. Just going with the flow, sometimes that is best. I hope your having a better night!
    You are on GC, hopefully you have weed? If so, smoke some of that before bed that may help as well haha, best of luck
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  3. Just a recommendation if you ever want harsh revenge on this teacher (I don't know how much he has disrespected you or your family):

    Wait until he is on vacation. You will hear it through the grapevine. Go into his backyard, smash his basement window, put his hose through the window and turn the water on. 

    That is the ultimate way to really hamper someones life without ruining them financially. While his home insurance will cover everything his house will most likely need to be guttered because of the mold and water causing a very long and inconvenient process in which he will probably have to live in a hotel for a while.

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  4. Nobody should have to go through what it sounds like you've had to go through, none the less get talked down to by a teacher. I've been there, and it's not ok. If I were you, I would talk to the principal, district, anybody who's above that teacher and make sure that his superiors know of his immature and hurtful actions. Stay strong though, you've only got one life and it sounds like you're smart enough to stay on track to live it to its potential.

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  5. Don't resort to petty crimes dude. With modern technology find a way to tape his abuse and show his superiors.
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  6. Exactly. Get that mother fucker fired.
  7. You should seek support from someone OP, whether it's your principle, or an adult you trust. It can help a lot, I've felt the same as you at a point in my life and the best thing I ever did was let it out to someone who I knew cared about me, and it really helped.

    Hope all gets better bud, these times will be hard but look for things you're happy and grateful for and try your best to keep your mindset positive. I'm sure your brother and father wouldn't want to see you the way you are regardless if they are or aren't around

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