feelin like the summer is finally here..

Discussion in 'General' started by uRbAnDieSeL*ATL, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. well, both of my folks left this mornin and won't be back til monday morning. plannin on smokin swishas all day for the next few days. tomorrow i got the day off and gunna make some firecrackers (ive made em once before and they were great). only downside is, i gotta babysit my stepmoms puppy, and i hate the dog. should be a good weekend eh?

    my first blunt sesh of many was great this mornin. i got to watch these 2 wild rabbits that live in some brush and trees in the back of my backyard, and they were running all over my yard playing with each other. i couldnt stop laughin hah.. and of course what made it great was i was hittin a grape rillo YuM. time for some halo tres

    what yall doin tonight/weekend?

    EDIT: anyone ever seen a white rooster/white chicken roll? they good? i got one and i searched on pillreports and couldnt find any info on em.
  2. Sounds like fun, nature is one entertaining motha'. :D I'll probably be up at the hospital with my girl tonight, she's having a surgery, getting a tonsillectomy. Nothing too serious, obviously. Other then that, I'll probably insufflate some methylphenidate, and play some hardcore Counter-Strike: Source. Then probably spark a bowl and listen to some Bob Marley and Sublime. Maybe watch Half-baked or something. :smoke:
  3. i love it when my folks leave town, bring over some friends and alot of herb always a fun time, usually each kid will bring a different drug for everyone so were all fucked up.
  4. yeah my homeboy/dealer is gunna come over and hes gunna eat some firecrackers with him and it'll be the first time. i actually met him off of GC almost a year ago and ever since then we smoke together all the time. he doesnt do drugs, just smokes weed. ima pop my last roll that i have in the morning (its a white rooster/chicken) and then we'll both eat firecrackers in the evening sometime. we were plannin on goin to the braves game and eating firecrackers before that, but then we'd rather wanna just be able to freely smoke blunts at my crib.
  5. Sounds like a really good time, I hope my friends will wish to hang out with me this summer. I miss them dearly. :smoke:
  6. damn man same shit i got the house to my self but i got no weed n no ride. my cars in the shop gettin my JL put in n i dunno wen my friend is gone come so i can get hiim to take me for sum bleazys
  7. hell yeah. Summer time and the living is easy. I wish I could have the house to myself, it would be real straighttt for chillin.
  8. Yeah 90% of the time I'm alone here and I near-always have weed or some other various substance :smoke:
  9. I usually have a party or have friends over when my parents go out of town.

    Last time they left, I rolled hard with a few friends. Good times.
  10. Sounds like a good weekend...I'm chillin, gotta work 5-9 but that's just driving around smoking and delivering pizzas so it's barely work haha and the same thing tomorrow from noon to 8 or so. Tonight I'll probably hit the bars with my friends same thing tomorrow. Pretty laid back stoney weekend in sight...luckily I've got a nice sized bag of chronic right now.
  11. Nadda tonight and who knows tomorrow...maybe a party/lil drinking/smoking/playing bags.
  12. I love summertime. All I need is a job. Turns out the lady called me today about the job I pretty much had, and said she hired two different "overqualified" people. Which is simple BS for, "I looked up your background and saw the Misdemeanor Theft Charge". Oh well.

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