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Feel terrible...will MJ do anything medically?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Sad Panda, Nov 10, 2003.


Will MJ help my sickness?

  1. MJ will help your body fight this sucker off. Rock the ganj, my friend.

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  2. Besides a little improvement in mood, MJ won't do a damn thing. Stay in bed.

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  1. Oh man, I am so sick right now. I had a cold for the past couple days, but apparently it was just a foreshadowing of worse things to come.

    I've felt nausea, diziness, sinus congestion, headache, sore throat, etc. etc. all day. What do you guys think? Would hitting the bong have any sort of medical benefits besides improving my mood? Or should I just stay in bed and recover on my own?
  2. l normally smoke till l carn,t anymore.lf ya,all are that sick my friend ya won,t want to smoke.l went 3 days without a bong ,drink or ciggarette last time l had the flu and l normally smoke upto 40 bongs a day . Bottom line smoke while ya can :D.
  3. Hey guys, I did what you all advised and rocked the ganj. Besides a little sore throat, it just helped me take my mind off the things that were wrong with me. I'd highly recommend MJ for any sickness where you just feel miserable.
  4. ^^^^dont know where that advice came from.glad it worked...........
    ida said bed and lotsa fluids. "kinda" like
  5. I don't know if it will help you.....

    But I do know from personal experience that when I'm sick, pot really kicks my ass... It's such a heavy stone for me when I'm sick, I kind of look forward to that cold every year, lol.
  6. Marijuana should be sold as an over-the-counter flu medicine. IT WORKS! I used to get sick for days before I toked. Now when I get sick, I smoke a bunch of joints and Im always better the next day. Makes me feel so much better too. Just make sure you smoke it slowly, not huge hits because that will really make you cough.
  7. i don t know about your cold but for me i have cancer and i don t post much but read all day..i had major surgery 2weeks ago and the pain was something i can t explain and the pain killers just don t do the job..but mj takes all the pain away and last about 2hrs and no side effect... i told my dr. and he said that it was fine he knows that i have my own little grow box he said that as long as i can get it take it
  8. Smoke it. It will make you feel better, but by no means forget to follow the rest of the standard procedures for being sick!!

    That means, you should still get plenty of rest, and you should still drink lots of fluids. The MJ will help you feel better, but you can't ignore the virus and expect it to just go away.
  9. im sick right now, have been for two days. i guess im going to smoke, we'll see how it goes. at least i wont be as bored...keep y'all updated
  10. on tuesday i felt bad on wensday i felt like even worse when i woke up ..about 15 mintues later i smoked a joint n today i feel just fine!
  11. When ever i have a large sickness , i will jsut go out and smoke my spoon and jsut take slow puffs for abotu 20 minutes then jsut go sit in the bath or something . This helps me feel alot better which makes my body able to fight the vrus better!
  12. IT WORKS!!! Herb was put here to cure our ills and it WORKS!!!
    Da"Told Me I Was Dead"Captn
  13. three weeks ago i was sick too(flu).. the first three days i smoked about 5grams. Those were my last grams. The days after i felt incredibly nauseous and really, sick.
  14. have the flu right now...i hate flu season
  15. your additude is very important too so lots of good ganja will keep you happy and prevent you from getting sicker
  16. Sad Panda, sounds like you have what I'm just recovering from. So, back to your question, hit the bong! My buddy picked up a new bong yesterday, and we ripped that quite a bit. Eased my headache, nausea, and dizziness. Maybe made my throat a little raspier, and added slightly to my cough, but so long as my head and stomach felt fine, I was pleased.
  17. i think u should smoke a phat one , u will feel much better. trus me!
  18. ok...i definetely think that weed can do something for you medically if you need it. i know i am always in alotta pain and whenever i smoke it goes away. and what about the myth saying weed cures nausea ? its not a myth it does cure nausea and vomiting. it just effects different people differently.
  19. yes i guess it depends on what kind of sickness you have but shit i say smoke a bowl and go to sleep i know everytime im sick it sure as hell helps me. so go for it man !!!
  20. I myself was sick yesterday and I toked and i felt so much better. I slept great and woke up the next day feeling great!

    Keep Tokin!

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