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feel really shit now when i smoke weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GenesisBro, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. i stopped smoking weed a little bit probably a week and now when i smoke i take like a few tokes from the joint and my brain feels totally dead and i feel like i cant move? i used to get a feeling similar to this but i enjoyed it, i really dont enjoy this though/now my head feels frozen its horrible now? any suggestions?

  2. Maybe when you smoked you expected to feel a certain way and when you didn't you may have interpreted it as a bad feeling because you are not used to being that much higher, I remember I didn't even enjoy the first few times I smoked because I would get too damn high and I couldn't communicate with people somewhat normally
    Give it a few more times
  3. Have a nice craft beer first.  Maybe a srong IPA. 
  4. Try a different strain.
  5. Yes.   
  6. Most probably your brain had built up a tolerance level.....a week without any and your tolerance level has if you smoke 20% of what you were smoking you will probably feel great.....30% and maybe your brain senses overload and goes into automatic shutdown.

    Know where you are coming from though mate....I quit smoking for 10 years, then wrongly presumed I could go straight back to endless bongs and blunts with no ill effects other than a craving for fast food and a comfortable place to veg for 12 hours.....didn't quite work like that lol. 

    Take a hit, feel the high, like it, take another, not so sure, stop for now......smoke, smile, repeat! :)  

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