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feel quiet when im high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bmbskate14, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. when im sober i can easily have a good conversation with pretty much anyone, except for some situations. I can start conversations good and i can make people laugh, but alot of the times i get high with my friends i get pretty quiet and cant think of anything to say and end up just sitting there for a while unless i drink too. for some reason i didnt have this problem when i started smoking and for a while. also im not quiet the whole time, like i still talk a little im just not completely open and funny like i usually am and it bothers me, i feel like im just really awkward infront of my friends. does anyone have any similar stories or some kind of advice that can help me?
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    I am the same way man, sober or drunk I am one funny motherfucker and extremely social, but when high I just get really slow and akward. Also, my voice gets really shaky and sound different.
  3. i am one of those people as well, i dont notice it really when i am high. but afterwards i look back and realize how quiet i really was
  4. this used to happened to me
    but it was only when i first started

    i realize now that it was only because of my lower tolerance.
    try different strains

    i think sativas are the head high
    experiment with that
  5. The more often you smoke, the less this problem will be.
  6. anxiety my friend.

  7. He has a good point you need the cerebral high instead of the chill high:hello:
  8. This happened to me for a while when I started smoking and only smoked once a month or so, I use to feel awkward and not say much sometimes. I still enjoyed it heaps, just didn't have a lot to say. It went away pretty quickly. Smoking by myself a bit helped me.
  9. Are you me? :eek:
  10. Happens all the time to me man. Not that I'm anxious but to put into words my thoughts are racing so rapidly that i can't begin to even open my mouth and begin speaking.
  11. I'm the same way man... I'm pretty social when I'm sober and when I'm drunk I'm almost always the life of the party... but when I smoke? I'm pretty anti-social and I can't think of anything to say, but I still love to smoke I just can't figure it out ethier.
  12. ditto for me.

    id try just forcing your words out, see where it goes.
    Your high, if you sound like an idiot don't worry about it bro.

    I'm sure you have a ton of good shit to say too you just need to get it out, and people will listen and may have somehting to add!

    I need to start trying to do that...
  13. Well the way i feel is pretty similar but:

    *If i'm with close friends (people i'm really comfortable with) then i'm really chatty, chilled and open up about anything.


    *If i'm with people i just met i just get so stoned and go into my own little world, all quiet.
  14. its the opposite for me when i smoke im the life of the party i had my friends dying of laughter at our sesh last night
  15. You should smoke more, and smoke people you're comfortable to be around. This helps a lot. I used to be quiet, but then I just started being more funny and more chill.
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  16. I am the same way as well. however, I have been smoking for quite a while on a multiple times/day basis. no matter what stain i smoke (sativa/indica/hybrid) I always just become quiet and chill, even if my mind is racing. Its like i go into observation mode. I think its just the effect that mj has on different people. However, in contrast, a good friend of mine becomes more talkative and interesting, so he goes on about his crazy stories and theories and i just sit back and listen, its quite fun.
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  17. happens to me when i take a t-break. once my tolerance goes up, the shyness goes away.

  18. .

    (making this long enough so i can post)
  19. It's probably because you're thinking too much.
    The voice in your head may be too overwhelming, just tell him to shut the fuck up for a while so i can enjoy my high

  20. That's me :D

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