Feel like i've messed up my first grow

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  1. Hey,

    I've been growing Lowryder / AK47, today is day 74, and my plant looks awful. Alright, the buds look pretty nice, atleast bigger than I thought I would get for my basic setup! Other than that, my leaves are completely yellow and are now starting to die. I'm not even sure whether the trichomes are clear or cloudy, although I noticed a row of amber ones at the very top only. I feel as if I should harvest now before I fvck her up completely, but I wanted to wait for 30% amber. I had nothing but problems since about day 40, mostly because I had no real guide as to when / how much nutrients to give her. Anyway, I would love feedback on how the buds look, not sure if they are meant to look like this, and please could somebody let me know if it is possible, when they think I might be able to harvest.

    Thanks alot,


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  2. looks really nice besides them yellow leaves and i think it will turn out to be good smoke. id say let it go 2 days max so they arent over ripe. anyways good luck hope to hear a dry wight soon=]
  3. The yellowing is totally normal as you approch the end of the grow, its even a good thing because you know the plant is using all its N which tastes bad in the final product.

    Your fine, look at what you have, nothing wrong with what Im seeing.

    Get a better magnification if you really want to see whats up with the tric's that image is not magnified enough to tell much other then it looks good!
  4. hahahaha ohhh man......
    if THAT is "messing up" on your first grow, i cannot WAIT to see when you "nail it" on your second attempt.. Everything looks VERY good, especially being that:
    A. It's your FIRST grow
    B. It was CFL grown (i could be wrong but i thought i saw just a cfl bulb in one of the pics, and i don't hate on CFL's whatsoever, i'm more or less complimenting you on such dank bud from a low lumen light).
    C.When it's almost time to harvest (from 2 ish weeks before, to 1 week before, sometimes), MJ plants naturally start yellowing in the leaves, and begin to take on that "dying" look. But please don't be scared by this! it means that you are very close to successfully harvesting your very first yield of bud! you made it!! and it looks DANK! congrats my friend!
    ....also: i noticed that all the pistils haven't turned color yet, there are still a few white ones here and there, a pretty decent indicator that your plant wants to keep going just a little more. Did you take that last pic through a microscope or jewelers' loupe?? i can never make those shots focus with my camera, good job if you did that. here's a chart that might help some.

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  5. Those buds look amazing. I'm not an expert at all but they look about ready to harvest. It's actually natural for the fan leaves ti yellow at the end of the plants life. That means its using up all the stored nutrients.

    I learned about this from High Times:

    Good luck with your grow. :smoke:
  6. Thanks guys, I really appreciate the feedback.

    In regards to the yellowing, thank you randomseed, I never really thought of it like that.

    I will try to borrow a more powerful magnifying lens or a microscope to get a clearer picture.

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    Ahh thats made me feel a whole lot better, I can sleep easy tonight!

    I used a 10x magnifying lens (its actually a geology one). The guide displaying the stages of trichome colouration is perfect, thank you very much for providing it. Also, I am using pure CFL, 1x 250w eco-light horizontally above, and 1x 125w eco-light vertically on 1 side. My grow space is tiny, pretty much 1ft by 1ft, therefore she recieves tonnes of light as it reflects. A couple of fresh buds popped through the main cola a week ago, therefore you may be seeing those fresh pistols.

    Ok, i'm going to leave it for today atleast, and watch it very carefully over the next few days, hopefully clearly notice trichomes turning amber, then prepare for harvest :D.

  8. Have you /or/ When do you, plan on starting to flush out the nutes??
    like.... now-ish??.
  9. I flushed her with 20l of filtered water 6 days ago. Hopefully that was a good time to do it?

  10. the "usual" is to start your flushing about 2 weeks before you plan on harvesting.
    flush 3x the amount of dirt (size of pot) with water, or water and blackstrap molasses, if you wish. in other words, if you were growing in a 5gal pot, 15gal of water would be needed for each time you flush. it can be time-consuming, especially when you are working with 25gal pots and whatnot, but a complete, proper flush is going to make a huge difference in the quality of you smoke. :wave:
  11. Ok thanks, I reckon I flushed at a good time then. I use 11l pots, but there is about 7l of soil in them. 20l should be fine.

    Thanks again for everyone feedback.

  12. That's a pretty nice looking effup! No need to panic on the harvest...let it keep going. Go get at least a 30x magnifier so you can clearly see the trichomes and go ahead and wait for your 30% amber trichomes....it's not a minute or hour kinda thing....generally speaking, you will have a 5 to 7 day window to reap your perfect 30% amber...the change from milky to amber just doesn't happen THAT quick....relax and let her go....lookin gooooood!

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