Feel like im getting ripped off

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  1. hi i just started buying my own weed before i would just chip in. everytime i buy i feel like im getting ripped off. can someone post a pic of an average dime dub etc thanks :smoking:
  2. get a scale u cant tell weight from pics
  3. i'd get a scale.
    i bought one from a dealer for $10. hella good purchase.
    everytime i buy a sack i weigh it out.
    it's funny to get stoked from that extra .1-.2
  4. Buy a scale *****.
  5. Again buy a scale. Some weed will be so dense it will look like nothing until you grind it.

    Other times it is so fluffy that it looks like your dealer fucked up and gave you an extra gram.

    Scales are really cheap, between $15 and $20 for a nice one.

    Make sure to get one that is sensitive enough for 0.00. You can save being ripped off .1 or ripping yourself off .1.

    That extra decimal place can never hurt.
  6. I'm sorry you're telling me a dime bag ($10) is .25 in the northeast? So $40/g? That's not outly outrageous but inaccurate.

    I've heard of prices up to $25/g but $40?...

    But yea a dime isn't a real measurement, be sure you know what you're getting in weight for your money. If he says a gram, well we still can't help you. Density can vary MASSIVELY from weed to weed, I've had grams that were the size of my fingernail and grams that looked like they were like a 3-4g nug and wouldn't even fit in a dime bag...
  7. Get you friends to hook you up with someone they trust! It lets them know your not a narc, and it gets you a great deal. Back in school (I'm 19 now, don't worry) I got an extra half a gram per ounce, just for knowing the dealers smoking buddy. As for eyeballing it, you can't tell that well if you're a newbie. I doubt you live in Minnesota, but here it's about 1-2 grams for average, 20$ weed.
  8. a dub is typically a half of a gram. about the size of a quarter give or take.. these are 1 gram each.
  9. haha , happens to have 4 bags on hand

    Uhh no dub=20 bucks, a g=20 bucks hence the name

  10. If a dime were .25, I wouldn't be smoking weed right now.

    A dime is a half gram around here, maybe a little more.

    For 20$ I get about 1.2-1.3g

    40$ 2.2-2.3g and so on.
  11. Only way to tell is buy a scale you can easily get one for 10-20, strains and nug denistly very greatly, and 20 for a gram, thats expensive, you must be in a non med state
  12. Northeast NY, decriminalized but not medicalized. Lol

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