Feel Like Im Getting Played.

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  1.   Whats up guys Chilltoker4200 here. So theres this girl at my work who im into but, Im not sure if she feels the same way though she'll flirt with me and joke around with me at work and on a couple occasions we've gone out for pizza after work but her friend was always with us. One time we were going to go out for food after work but since  im the dishbitch and  im one of the last people to leave so she tried to help me get out but there were still people eating there AFTER we were closed so it didnt work out. Everyone at my work seems to think shes into me but I always have to text her first  and it just feels like im bugging her. She never text's me first.
        So saturday after she gets out of work im still there and this other waitress who im not interested in  at all comes up to me with a plate of chocolate sauce on it and she's telling me she wants to rub that shit all over me and was rubbing my chest. It was really awkward. So i texted the girl I like and told her and she was laughing until I told her that she might be at the party im going to later that night. She said if it really bothers me then I should let that chick know so I said yeah I know and that ill let you go and enjoy her night. She text back that shes at the gym and was thinking about going to the party which isnt her type of thing since pretty much EVERYONE was smoking, So she text the bartender which the parties at her house asking if she can go and everyone was laughing and was like why does she want to go? Then they looked at me and laughed. So fast foward to the party im just chilling there pretty high i threw down for two blunts as soon as I got there she walks in and we get to talking for a little bit but im just kinda chilling so im walking around talking to people and she always ends up venturing over to me. She took some pictures of us and when we go to leave I walk out with her to leave also we walk to the cars and she just kinda gets in and takes off. I dont know guys im terrible at reading girls. Im just about to give up and just not care. lol

  2. Unless I read that totally wrong, it sounds like she went to the party just to be with you?! Maybe she's just really shy, personally, I never let a guy know that Id like to be with them, I make them let me know first. Talk to her :p what's the worst that could happen? She says "no, I want to be friends!".. You'll survive.
  3. Certainly not getting "played" but she is probably trying to see if you are into her as well. Text her a little more often, try to enlighten the mood and ask her to hang out. Just take it easy and go with the flow, if she doesn't like you that's that! 
  4. You and every other guy on earth. We go to school, learn reading, writing and arithmatic. We put a man on the moon and split the atom in 2. But for the life of us, females will remain to be the most puzzling conumdrum we have ever encountered.
  5. she probably wanted you to make a move at the car when you guys walked out. and since you didn't at all she just went off. sounds like shes into you but is playing a little hard to get to see if you feel the same
    Putting the pussy on a pedestal. I think men just make it more difficult than it really is.
  7. She's waiting for you to make a move. Dont wait much longer, experience says the door is closing. Make your move my friend.
  8. You have to take what you want man 
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    Take it easy, don't be needy for her attention or for everything to go right all the time. if she wants to spend time with you then you're on the right track. Do you and her flirt in a way that's suggestive ? Is there sexual tension on both sides of the interaction or just yours? Cuz that's important.

    Relax, go to it.
  10. I like the fact you signed up just for this first post to ask this question. You must really like the girl. imo you need to be straight up blunt ,no pun intended and if she aint feeling the same then you guys part way. next time i recommend finding a different site more suited around relationships. 
    theres a start. Wish you luck . Burplekush 
  11. You and every other guy on earth
  12. OP, sounds to me like this girl is very interested in you, but not sure if you feel the same, and is probably even wanting to make you exclusive as she obviously wants her friends to know who you are (which explains the friend tagging along w/ the pizza date)
    You're right, you are terrible at reading women... you could have already tapped multiple times by now, but you aren't working your game. I'm no pimp, but I know when a girl is interested.
    These will be one of the many threads where OP is totally blowing it, and will instead get friendzoned, then come back making another thread about why. You know why OP... You know why...

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