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  1. such a dark day in my life. Yesterday, at exactly 5 pm my playstation got the dreaded yellow light od death. To make it worse my red dead redemption disk is stuck inside.

    so abot 5 minutes ago, after compulsive smoking to get rid of my shitty mood, i called sony, explained to them what had happend and the guy says they will exchange my playstation with the same model (60GB...which is the model that normally gets the yellow light of death) and send me the disk back for $150.

    i have an xbox, but i always played on the ps3 more (just personal preference). So now i am debating whether to do the exchange for the exact same model which just so happens to be the model that mostly gets the YLOD, or just buy a new playstation but different model.

    Such a shitty week so far, jeez i ope i get some pussy tonight.
  2. dog...been in that situation with 2 360s.

    now i dont play video games, sucks
  3. Your best bet would just be to buy one of the new "slim" PS3s. More memory, better guts, and I've yet to see a report that one of them got a YLOD.

    But that really sucks, man. I feel your pain.

    However, if you're really good at modding/hacking game systems, this might be a blessing in disguise. You buy a new PS3, then hack your old 60gb. Two ballin' PS3s for you!
  4. Odds are hacking the PS3 wont work...the most recent update blocks 3rd party USB devices...to prevent the use of softmods "jailbreaks" or w/e u wanna call em.

    and the way sony deals with piracy, I can guarentee you they will make sure that 60GB is already loaded with the latest firmware.

    On the otherhand, if you want to make a quick 150 bucks..or more...you can sell the unbroken refurb for more than what a new PS3 goes for, as generally the 60GB is considered the best

    FULL backwards compatability
    4 USB ports
    Media card slots
    SACD support (Super Audio support)

    or..you could mod your xbox (and possibly get banned this coming november)

    now there are 2 types of mods for the xbox, DVD firmware flashing which can only play original games, and backups (fairly easy to do with basic computer hardware and software experience)

    and Jtag-much more in depth mod, requires soldering skills etc...but with this mod you can run homebrew software...though if you go on xbox live with jtag you will get banned, and if im not mistaken, instantly

    Im in a similar position as you, my xbox is showing signs of the looming RRoD, no warranty....and has been opened

  5. I think i might just buy a slim, but my disk is still stuck inside. Do you think sony will remove the disk from the system for me?
  6. I don't see any reason why they wouldn't (aside from liking money). I'd call up customer service and ask them if they would be able to remove the disc for you.

    But if you want to try it yourself first (and not spend the money on getting a disc out), I found these helpful steps on the Playstation forums for getting stuck discs out of a YLOD'd system:

    1. First shut down the system by flipping the power switch in the back off.
    2. Hold down the eject disc button.
    3. While still holding down the eject button, flip the power switch to turn back on your PS3.
    4. When the green light comes on, wait a few seconds then tap the eject button a couple times. The fan will run on full power and the disc will eject.

    *Not guaranteed to work on all models.

    Try it and see if it helps, bro. Best of to you!

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