Feel like crap..

Discussion in 'General' started by Lucajsfinest, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Okay, Yesterday. It was my boys and I. We were smoking some Purp Kush. And then right after i got home. I didn't feel all that good. I think it was Because i ate so much. I had a shit load of twinkies,Brownies,Cupcakes,Chips and then i ate lasagna. So the next morning,My stomach was just killing me. I vomit like 2-3 times . and i was taking SHITS NON-STOP. lmaooo,Sounds disgusting right? But neway, My stomach still isnt feeling that good. And everytime I eat meal,It just doesn't taste right. And i believe i only smoked like 2-3 blunts and DAM! Blunts are str8 up nasty,It was my first time smoking blunts. JOINTS ALL DAYY,ERRYDAYY!
  2. dude, that was an awesome story. please tell it again.
  3. When you burp does it taste like rotten eggs?
  4. to much tobacco in dem blunt wraps
    u smoke cigs errday?

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