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    so i think my other thread got deleted cause it's not around anymore....

    but anyway,

    yesterday i was at this keggar and randomly met up with this chick that i had met at a george clinton show near my hometown.

    This was the second time i had seen her since the first time we met, al though at the show she gave me her number and such, our plans never fell together.

    Now she and i were outside drinking and smoking a cig when she shifted her weight/dress at the same exact time that i went to ash my cigarette. :(:(:(:(:(:(

    EDIT: i wrote this stoned so i forgot to mention that i had in fact burned a whole in her dress...it was about the size of a dime... the coin, not bag

    EDIT II: hole...

    now i wanna make it up to her, i apoligized right after it happened and said i was sooo sorry and she said it was kinda nice because she had the same dress on the first time i met her.... When i told her i wanted to make it up to her she said that it was all right and i didn't have to

    now blades, what do u think would be the best way to make it up to her, i was thinking either some Kush, maybe some liquor (she's about 23 and im turning twenty in a few weeks)

  2. Buy her dinner :ey:

  3. and give her some dessert :hello:

  4. exactly
  5. Offer to take her out for a movie and a rimjob.
  6. Ask Vincent Chase, he'll know what to do
  7. hahha ok ok

    but really, i was thinking of buying some real dank bud and blazing her down...
  8. How about a bottle of chloroform and a dry dishrag? I can guarantee she wont tell you no.
  9. just leave her alone

  10. What exactly happened here?

  11. my thoughts exactly. maybe he got ash on her dress?
  12. Take her out for a romantic dinner, but make sure to hotbox the limo beforehand. After dessert, go have some stoned sex.
  13. smack her in the face and tell her to get the hell outta a mans way when he is enjoying a cigarette. if she cries smack her for crying while a mans trying to instill some etiquette in a bitch. or get her a puppy. bitches luuuuuuuuuuuuuv puppies...she'll forget all about how you tried to set her on fire

  14. hahaha

    that was my plan all along hahaha

    and about what happened, we were chillin getting close and i went to go ash as she moved her dress and yeah....
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    tell her to wear something revealing
  16. tell her not to get in the way of your smoke

    EDIT: shit some one beat me too it :(

    any ways, i dont think its that big of a deal, tell her to patch that shit up
  17. He would probably rail some lines and then try to start another fight with eminem?

    Op- Dinner.

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