Feel like a surgeon.

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by xRemedy, May 12, 2011.

  1. A friend and I just separated siamese twins.
    It was an operation like no other.. we planted our seeds the other day and for some reason, one of them was taking ages to pop up out of the ground.
    We were about to give it up as a lost cause, when lo and behold, two popped up! imgur: the simple image sharer
    We were scared, real scared, so we cut their container apart and broke up the soil that they were in. We then proceeded to separate the two twins and replanted them in separate pots.
    Here's a picture of the smallest twin (weakest): imgur: the simple image sharer
    How do you rate their chances of survival, and will the stress that they've sustained be enough to turn these once beautiful little girls into dirty hermies?
  2. Hard to say, but it sure sounds like
    an excellent scene for a Harold and Kumar movie lol.


  3. It would've felt like one too if I was stoned at the time.
    Been studying for exams though, so I've had to lay off which is a good thing for my plants I guess!
  4. U did the right thing and Im
    sure theyll pull thru.


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