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Feel like a dick

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by gusbus420, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. We were burning in my friend's parent's car and part of the cherry on my joint fell onto the carseat and burned a hole in it. I don't think he's supposed to be smoking in his parents car so what should i do the hole is like the size of a pencil eraser
  2. you burnt a fucking hole in the seat.
    you better just tell the parents you were blazing mad weed in their car and burnt a hole in it.
  3. tell them a cig burnt it or try to cover it up
  4. nothing you can do now
  5. umm dont smoke in car again and hope they don't notice scrape it with a knife so it dost have burn marks. No offence but your a dumbass for smoking a joint in a car that u dont own.
  6. Shit happens. Life tends to give you some wisdom after you fucked up. That's just how it goes. Take it and learn

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  7. Say it was a cigarette
  8. The carseat? Like a kid seat or the seat of the vehicle? And just leave it there, his parents arent gonna automatically gonna assume its you
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    It's going to be hard to cover this up.. I can't think of one good way to fix that. I think you need to confess to save your friends ass here. He's going to get fucked for this but at least you can mitigate some of the damage he takes by just coming right out and taking responsibility for what you did and coming clean asap before they find it and start asking questions.
  10. he could get his friend out of trouble by saying he didnt know anything about it and he wasn't near him when it happened.
  11. Then it makes his friend look retarded to his parents for not being responsible enough to make sure that one of his retarded friends doesn't set the house on fire. They won't trust him with shit. He's going to be taking more heat here, who cares if you feel like a dick OP, do the right thing for your friend.
  12. This ^. Just fess up, they'll appreciate the honesty
  13. You gotta take the heat for it. And what car it it? If it's like a 2000 honda I'm sure they aren't gunna flip out.
  14. Just say you were smoking a cig in the car outside waiting for him while he was in the house grabbing something before you guys were about to roll out and it happened while you were waiting. He never saw you light it.
  15. Put some masking tape over it to hide the hole. Cut just enough so that it covers over the whole, but is not completely noticeable. Try to use a sharpie or marker the same color as the seat, a common technique called camoflague.

    Never speak of this again and if they find out, just dent everything because you didnt do it.
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    Oh and apologize, tell them you're sorry for disrespecting their property and it will never happen again you promise. And if you really wanna do it up good tell them you'd like to pay them back for it over time.
  17. Is it a new car? If it was maybe like 1995 Toyota, if they even noticed I doubt they would care. If it's a new car, than you should confess and I'll doubt you'll see that friend any time soon.
  18. Front seat or back seat?

    If it's the back seat you're probably money and they won't notice for awhile, if it's front seat you're fucked basically, best bet is to say it was a cig. Don't feel like a dick though, it's just as much your buddy's fault for letting you guys smoke a joint in his car.

    Frankly you guys are fuckin idiots for blazing a fucking joint in a car you're not allowed to smoke in though, chances are they woulda smelled that shit the next morning anyways....

    Seriously, stick to pipes or bongs in the car boys. Even when you do own your car it's still a better idea, don't wanna get pulled over with a stinky ass car.
  19. I'm sorry but I have dropped a cig on my seat and it was there for two seconds and it left an ash mark lol, you mustsa been high as tits to not see you knocked your joints fuck long cherry in the seat lol enough with the ridicule, I burned in my friends mini van once with him and it reaked and so he didn't take all the blame I just said I brought the blunts. However we were 16 and his parents didn't know he smoked yet he told me he was caught before so he got a fucking peer pressure talk. It was gay as fuck I got in so much more trouble than him I had to clean out that can and scrub it. So just do your bro a solid this once, never agin after words since it was his idea to blow down in his mommys mini van
  20. You know what you gotta do... Burn the house down!

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