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  1. Alright here's the deal blades...

    I wake up every morning feeling higher than a martian, and as of lately I can't help but feel bad for all of those helpless disease infested children in Africa.

    I feel spoiled, and what's worst is I keep medicated at all hours which constantly reminds me of this misfortune. Sadly the majority of their crop in Africa is exported for the purpose of profit, and the children never get to enjoy it!

    I was thinking of starting something that could maybe spin-off of save the children...something like "Thank the Dank" to create a global impact that can easily gain momentum from its controversy. Problem is that this seems almost impossible to pull off on at any scale, maybe constantly supplying a few villages and gaining momentum from that? Ugh, I'm feeling sick just thinking about it...time to re-medicate. :(
    .5 per day/per child maybe? That's an eighth a week for them which seems beyond reasonable!
  2. Wait are you trying to make a charity where you give African kids weed to smoke?

    I think they have bigger problems than finding a hookup.
  3. Cannabis has many medicinal properties for diseases prevalent in Africa.
    Aids being one of the most prevalent. With that in mind, I think it's safe to say that they deserve a bit of medical attention, and to cure their munchies, we can mass produce hemp and include it as a main supplement in their diet because the seeds will become much cheaper. Not sure where Africa stands for hemp production, but I'm sure raw cannabis can be a great way to mask not only the munchies, but many of the lacking nutrients that weaken immunity from the lack of proper dieting.

    * Look at that, now we're making progress in it's medicinal value, and in creating an opportunity to decrease the numbers in the fight against world hunger.
  4. I just think that the best way to help Africans would be to donate to an existing charity. Smoking weed is not good for children because they are developing and it effects brain chemistry.
  5. This plenty of weed in Africa

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ky3FOulTbdI&feature=related]plantacion ganja west africa - YouTube[/ame]
  6. ORRRR

    It could turn them into mini-philosophers, and they can all contemplate modern issues; Little Aristotles walking around thinking through issues for the benefit of Africa, that would definitely be a 180 as far as political movement is concerned. The kids in the worst parts of Africa would get an upped dosage of 7g's per week just so their bodies can clock in that necessary over-time.
  7. Last I checked, working at a dealership didn't mean you owned any of those cars.

    PS "Sadly the majority of their crop in Africa is exported for the purpose of profit, and the children never get to enjoy it!"
  8. Sounds like someone is having a pretty hard time showing the motherland some love. Kinda confused. :confused_2:
  9. How do you know if they don't own the car and how do you know the children never get to enjoy the crop? And if it's for profit, wouldn't it mean that they would have money to get food?:confused:

  10. The motherland?

    Has nothing to do with whether I love them or not I actually suggested a pretty good alternative to the 'let's get children high plan.'
  11. Well if you're looking to be a smarty pants
    ^looks like that family is gonna be reaping serious cash from all that cotton!

    Just because you get to watch Tom & Jerry now and order a #4 Combo Meal, doesn't mean slavery doesn't still exist, they work for the most minimal of profit by the way, something in between not dying and staying alive. Funniest joke all day anyway, cool story bro.
  12. ^^ No you can't act all high and mighty like that after you suggest getting children high as a solution to their living condition.

  13. Fine, whatever, have fun trying to send an illegal drug to another country.:laughing:
  14. Well shit, when you make it sound like I'm hooking them up with that china white...Sheesh.
  15. I have no idea what China White is I assume its an other drug.

    Upon a quick google search I found out you meant heroin basically. If you think that is how much I am overreacting then you don't understand. I know just as well as anybody that bud is pretty harmless. But it should be consumed by people who are mature. Not 8 year old kids who are starving to death and have aids.

    Oh you are starving and have aids? I'm a stoner so instead of actually helping you how about we smoke a bowl together? You got the munchies? Eat some weed?


  16. Not allowed to act "high & mighty"?

    I smoke heads, I can't help it...BRO.
    I'm being myself, you still haven't killed the buzz sorry. ;)
  17. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oATNSOqOj4]eminem-role model + lyrics - YouTube[/ame]
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    I wasn't trying to kill your buzz. Just donate money or food if you want to help there are plenty of charity's that already exist. Just without the promise of getting kids high.

    EDIT: And you like Eminem...sigh
  19. PS
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuPqLVEnd7A]Two-year-old uses medical marijuana to beat brain tumor - YouTube[/ame]


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