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I love grasscity

  1. no city, no life

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  2. yes, my nextborn will be named after Superjoint

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  3. grasscity in the morning, grasscity at work, grasscity at night, grasscity in my dreams

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  1. Just in deep thoughts tonight, were will be next year. Only about a year ago, I could only dream of so many cool and dedicated members. A year ago these forums had 170 members and look at it now.

    Thank you all and peace2you

  2. thank us not good sir. Thank yourself for making such a kick arse forum- and being understanding of my tardiness of the glass pipe payments...
  3. This place has been Like a 2nd "Home" to me for awhile now!! It's Because of the way YOU maintain it SJ!!!

    The Best always attracts the best, and you've got'

    The Best WebMaster

    The Best Support Staff

    The Best Mods

    The Best of the Herb-friendly people on the net,many of whom have become like Family to me!! :D

    after the 22nd of this month, I'll only have very limited access to the CITY, as I'll be working away from home. So ya'll should get a decent break from me, lol. But as soon as I can afford to get OUR pc back on-line, I'll be "Home", so ya'll keep the Herb-fires burnin' for me, will ya!!!

    SuperJoint, Thanks, from the bottom of my heart for providing this refuge, and learning center for all of us Bladies & Blades to enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!! :wave:

    P.S. Ya should have had a spot on the poll for "All of the Above" Just for GrassCity junkies like me!! Lmao!!
  4. Every where I go I have Grasscity and it's members on my mind. I usually come here in the morning and at night. I think of the people here as special family members. I hope this board will be here till we all are so old we take 3 hours just to make a post or reply (I think i am almost there) lol.

    You have done a fabulous job with the city! We all are very greatfull for your hard work.

    As Switch and Cowboy said, We owe all the thanks to you friend!
  5. here atleast 6 times a day
  6. Most livable City on the net!

    Place has really taken off eh?

    I remember when it used to be pretty quiet around here.

    I remember when Reform Mary Jane Laws pretty much owned the "Real Life Stories" forum.

    Hell, I have'nt even stopped by Yahooka in awhile!

    This place is startin to remind of Yahooka in it's glory days.

    You are'nt gettin ready to disappear and let this place go to hell are you SJ? Just jokin....

    Congrats and thank you for providing a place for my silliness to abound!
  7. Grasscity has been the perfect refuge for me.

    Being a Mum at home, I don't get much adult conversation, BUT when the little man is asleep the first thing I do is check into Grasscity!

    It's full of so many different types of people from all over the place. I love it! Reading peoples views on life, their experiences, it's REAL and anyone can join in.

    Thanks SJ, fantastic forum.
  8. I must say when i first came here last year when it was called thecoffeshop it was a nice quite board with only a few members and now we have over 2000 members and it's all thanks to the hard work that we ALL put in to the city. I would like to thank you all now for all the hard work you all do to make grassacity THE BEST weed forum on the net.

  9. Yes the city has come a long way since the beginning..there are many good people here,and I enjoy the breath of fresh air that comes with so many viewpoints..Hail to you Superjoint for providing a city for all to enjoy.and providing the avenue for communication between like minds.. I must admit,,,I have reduced my time with other forums,,to be here,,at the city...with wonderful friends.......peace

  10. Super J!!! I can't vote until you edit the poll to say "all of the above" like cowboysaxman suggested. So, you know, fix it so I can vote!

    I have always loved this place and I missed it like crazy while I was gone. It feels like home. When we were all banned from the City, in my email, I asked Super J to unlock the door because I wanted to come home. See... I was a virgin when I got here. Grasscity was my first. And is now my only!!!!! You should feel very special Super J!!!!

    That's why I still think we should have some sort of Grasscity Festival-all of us, together, one place. Sounds good to me.

    Smokin, sometimes I think it's better to keep those "real life stories" to myself. Things get crazy around here.

    All Hail Super J!!!
  11. this is the best message board ever, and all the people on here are cool as hell too.

  12. Great idea MaryJane i would love to meet you all one day but the only thing is we all live in different parts of the world, and it would be a mountain to high for us all to get together at the same place at the same time.

  13. Grasscity is like family to me! What can I say, I love ya'all and this city is like home. I am so glad I found this place, and am so glad superjoint had a vision that created this place as it is. Thanks to superjoint and everyone else here who has made this forum what it is. Hugs all around, nobody better be leaving anytime soon!

  14. cheers!
    and thankyou to all of you who have made this such a nice place to come visit, learn and grow.
  15. coolest board, coolest members..

    bravo! good show man!
  16. How amny members now SJ?

  17. You are paid to much to be miss spelling easy words like MANY.
  18. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Grasscity[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]


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