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  1. Check it out, everyone. Imagine a stoner imagining how great the world could be if he ran it. Good. Now imagine that stoner sad that he will never run the world--yet abruptly realizes that starting a sort of co-op/commune would be quite wonderful, for ALL OF US. Everyone's invited to...


    This will be a "retreat" for artists and stoners, the young and the old, all with a few things in common: the passion for marijuana, a love of nature, and a need to be away from the imbalances and stressors of that stupid reality we call "modern-day" life.​


    Food Good Farms will be a small-sized commune for freethinking individuals. Spirituality, arts, consciousness expansion and morality are the main emphasis. We are free of government and religion.

    NATURE: A healthy relationship with nature will be a big part of Feel Good Farms. The commune will be set up in a remote wooded area, and outside activities will play a major role in daily life. An open area will consist of an exotic tree and flower garden.

    HEALTH: We feel the best way to achieve optimum health is with a produce-rich diet along with natural exercise. The pesticide-free farm will include varieties of fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

    CONSCIOUSNESS: Members are interested in achieving peace through meditation and philosophy. Alternative practices & studies are encouraged and highly tolerated (astrology, fasting, etc).

    SEXUALITY: Feel Good Farms believes our bodies should not be “taboo”; nakedness will be an accepted aspect of the farm, as well as casual sex. Members believe in universal love and sexual exploration that differentiates from the modern day idea of conventional intimacy.

    ARTS: We highly value creativity in many forms. Members will partake in visual arts, music, and writing openly, without restrictions.

    MORALITY: Greed, revenge, arrogance, etc. will not exist on Feel Good Farms. Without many modern-day pressures, members will show good-heartedness and respect for each other.

    But the vision of Feel Good Farms is much larger and majestic than these words can depict. I'm not very good at drawings, but here is a map I made of what I'd love to have done:

    ART WAREHOUSE: This I forgot to add to the map. The topmost floor of the main building will be one giant warehouse, filled with musical instruments, art supplies, possibly a photo lab.

    Wherever this may be, I'd make sure we're in an area that can support the following 3 items:
    1. Marijuana, at least medically, is able to be obtained or grown legally in some manner.
    2. The surrounding nature is superior in beauty.
    3. The local government is friendly.

    I was thinking Colorado or maybe even somewhere in Canada. California's too packed and I bet we could find a more beautiful place.

    It's a very realistic idea for me. I shall be inheriting some money within the next 10 years, a good amount, so I want to start thinking about this.

    Remember, everyone's invited
  2. you. are. a. mastermind.:hello:
    a lake would be nice
  3. gonna need a stage for the mime troop
  4. Always liked the idea of something like this. I think a place to swim is always nice.
  5. Will you be serving kool-aid?
  6. Lots of kool-aid packets if a must.
  7. Actually Michigan is quite nice.

    A lot of forests and lakes.

    Its just the winter months would suck.

    But yeah I've always thought about this. Just living off the land, and away from all this shit.

    Only thing that I dont like is the nakedness. As much as I love the human body. Esspecially the female ones. I dont really feel that comfortable will a guys penis just flopping around. And I would love to see the females, I would probobly get used to it.
    And I dont want to get used to it.

    To each his own though. Not raggin just my opinion. Its a great idea and I like the whole layout.
  8. casual sex and weed?

  9. I'm not meaning for this to be super intricate.
    The big idea is being surrounded by nature and by a small community that thinks the same ways you do.

    Hopefully I'd be able to find someplace near a pond/lake. That is a very good idea
  10. Something like this existed in multiple places 50 years ago. They were called hippie communes. They failed miserably.

    It is a nice idea though, I myself want to live a monastic life in an ashram, just simply surviving and progressing on my path towards God.
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    are you a communist?

    it sounds like a nudist-commuhippie resort for apathetic hedonists.

    its kind of cool that you made a map and laws and shit for it though
  12. If nothing else, give it a name which will have better PR

    Feel good farms sounds too hippie-ish and your commune will surely recieve such negative talk from every news station that it will fail.

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