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feel crazy after a bowl or two

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tuxx, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Smoked a bowl out of the bong and one out if the spoon prior. Man I've never felt too high before.. it kinda sucks bein all tripped out this much :(. Haven't smpked much bud lately.
  2. I still get high off of a bowl, it's nice. Other more experienced tokers would really like your low tolerance, so don't smoke as much and be happy. :smoke:
  3. Had a bit of a t break. I feel like my world is ending.
  4. Yeah I wish I could even get to that point again. Tolerance is no fun.

    Just try and keep calm, remember nothing bad is going to happen.
  5. I gotcha.. its been a while since I could get this high for sure.
  6. Get something to drink. Water and ginger ale are great. Listen to your favorite music, lay down and rest.

    If its really bad don't even try to eat it can be too challenging.
  7. I like being ripped off my ass but i hate tripping honestly somewhat ruins it for me and i hate not being able to act normal
  8. Nahh just keep cool my dude.. Have a ice cold water and drink that to reduce the intensity. Getting baked prior to being on a t break, it's like the sexy herb being a bitch and really giving it too you and you are just blown away by what you have been missing haha..

    That's what I told myself when I had those freak outs. I was just getting really really high.. Then once I figured out that I wasn't really high at all and that I needed to get even HIGHER, I just finally got over it.

    It's just a hump that some of us have to get over. And try to tell yourself that the world doesn't revolve around you and your being selfish lol.
  9. a spoon!? were u cookin it like herion and shootin up
  10. Lol thanks for all the legit replys guys. I'm passrnger seat with pizza on my lap and almost home with a half smoked bong in between my legs..
  11. [quote name='"progenitor04"']a spoon!? were u cookin it like herion and shootin up[/quote]

    Just cookin up some mary jane.
  12. Same Here 1-2 Bowls im alll good
  13. Took 2 more bong rips. Why not

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