Feel bad about breaking friends windsheild..

Discussion in 'General' started by fAKdded, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Soo... We were chillin' at a friends house tonight...

    Sittin in the garage watchin tv..

    Were sittin in a friends car parked in the garage

    Had the seat reclined and set a foot on the windshield and it cracked like a mother fucker.

    I literally just set my foot on the windshield with ONE foot and it spider webbed...

    Hes a pretty good friend and I feel bad but I really don't wanna dish out lotsa $$$ for an freak accident

    What do you guys think :mad:
  2. was it cold in the garage? your foot could have changed the temp of the class quick enough to crack it i suppose, however i would find that pretty rare but hey i have been wrong before.

    i would definatly pitch in a bit but i wouldn't pay for the whole thing
  3. yeah bro definatly do not throw in for the whole thing, those things are rare windsheilds are made to withstand crashes, your foot did not break it!

    You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time buddy!
  4. windshield glass is tempered and temperature fluctuation won't break it.
  5. You probabbly had the rotten luck to set your foot on a small crack or something, causing it to get bigger, defintely give him some money..but dont feel too bad
  6. I say you guys split it.
  7. ^^^ What he said.
  8. if your windshield cracks, insurance pays for all of it, it might be jus florida. but all you have to say, is that is was from the road and theyll come to you and put that shit in

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