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  1. When feeding a plant, should one do so everytime they water the plant?
  2. Nevermind, let me rephrase that shit.. Should I give my plant nutes everytime I water it?
  3. no, feed every other watering, slightly less than the recommended dosage.
  4. I water once a week with nuts
  5. Okay thanks, I wasn't really sure, now that's all cleared up for me. :)
  6. Assuming you're talking about a soil grow, it depends on the type and dilution of your nutes.
    You can feed every watering, but with more dilute nutes, or weekly with a stronger mix.

    I'm in coco, so I feed every watering, once or twice a day.

    Sorry, we were typing at the same time. (Already cleared up.)
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    Thanks for the input wardrobe, I've seen a lot about this growing in coco, but I dont really understand how it works?
    And I'm using basic MG all purpose plant food for now, do you have any idea of what I should do with that?
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    Can't help with the MG nutes, never having used them. Hear they're pretty good, though.
    Best I can say is, from what I've heard, go pretty light at first with MG then build up.
    You never need to use their full recommended doses.

    Coco is hydro without all the extra crap. You still water like in soil, but more often because of coco's ability to hold oxygen, and at pH5.8 rather than the 6.5 needed for soil. Virtually impossible to overwater.
    Great stuff and very easy to work with. Best is 75%-80% coco and 20%-25% perlite.
  9. Alright so is this like everyday coco? As in I could walk into a grocery store, buy some coco, and walk about without someone giving me the wtf face? (Wtf face>>> o_O WTF? )
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    There are several types and grades. Some is only intended as mulch. Most types are full of salts and need a really good flush before use, too. Best to buy from a hydro store or online if possible.
    I went for reputedly, and arguably, the best - Canna coco. ($30 for 50 litres). Needs no flushing, pre-buffered etc.
    Also, coco comes in either compressed blocks or loose in a bag. In general, the loose stuff is preferable, but the bricks are fine.
    Coco is unreal at buffering nutes and releasing them as needed. One shortfall, though, is that it captures calcium and magnesium, so a CalMag supplement is necessary.

    The best nutes are the coco-specific ones. (I use the full Canna nutes and additives range. Don't think I'll ever look back - expensive but worth every cent.)

    Gotta add 'SPDT member' to my sig too. Good idea. - Done. (I think I was number 18.)
  11. Alright, I see. The only trouble I have with ordering this stuff, is I'm not in my own house at the moment, so I don't want the UPS/Fedex truck showing up at my door and giving my shit to my parents, they allow this all to go on, but they hate when I order shit, cause it's expensive, even more expensive than just going out and buying it on my own. I'll have to think about this coco stuff, but I think I'll give it a try. As for my plant now, I just fed it a bottle cap of MG plant food, hopefully that's not too much, obviously I diluted it with some water, but you just never know with MG. Following that I headed over to the facilities and put together a fair balance of MG and water, but because it is tap water, I'm forced to let it sit for another 24hrs.. I don't think I'll be using the solution too soon though, I don't want to overwhelm my girl.

    And haha yeah, I felt it was necessary.. The little SPDT sig in the corner of your avatar, I made it. :D
  12. A bottle cap in how much water? Typically, a bottle cap is 10ml, I think.
    Do you pH adjust your water before feeding?

    Yes, I know, and a good job you did too. Sorry to shrink it like that. Can't help showing my plant porn as well.
  13. I wanted to add for clarity's sake that if you amend the soil you use, that is 'stock' it with a few scoopfuls of things plant need, before you plant the plant, you only ever have to water it. Plants need a source for N-P-K-Ca-Mag-and the micro's. People put seabird guano's, crushed rocks, crushed shell, kelp meal, alfalfa meal, and stuff into the soil for the plant to feed off of, these people never have to add nutes. If you are interested go to the organic section to look at how to build a soil.

  14. Very true. When I grew outdoors, I put everyting into the soil during preparation, a month or two before planting. Only ever gave an occasional spray of fish emulsion during veg and no additives during flowering.
  15. By "coco" we're talking about coconut peat/coir?
  16. Yep. Not the same as peat, but yeah, coconut coir/fibre.
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    Used in conjunction with Canna nutes and additives, it's hard to beat.

    A 50 litre bag:-

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  18. No problem Wardrobe, I quite like what you did with it. And I will be looking into this coco medium, I think I'll give it a try. Also, is using used coffee grinds in your soil a small, medium, or large help when looking to add Nitrogen?
  19. Can't comment, I've heard of it but never tried it. I wouldn't do it with my nutes, it would throw the balance out and I wouldn't know where I was in terms of nute concentration and EC.
    I run a fairly precise formula. I even use a syringe for measurements, so I can get fractions of a millilitre easily for my small nute mixes. For me, a 10ml syringe is perfect.
  20. Aha, I can see it now, someone walks into my room and finds a syringe just chillin.. That'll go well. ;)
    Ahaha, well thanks a lot wardrobe, you've been a great help!

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