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  1. i've done about 15 crops since i started growing but never got it quite right . i average about 1 oz per plant dry regardless of veg and flower periods i've tried differant foods and strains cuttings and seeds but have now got my hands on some nice seeds white widow x chronic my question is when feeding is it best to give them alot of food at once or a little bit daily . i've tried usig an oxy pot made by ikon and ended up with the same results as in soil going wrong somewhere just don't know where
  2. HIGH All, what lights are you useing? What was the fert you are useing in the NFT and soil? Does your room have adaquite ventalation?

    Shit 15 crops...you obviously have growing knowlegde..what do "think" may be the problem. I know your asking us...but what do you think.
  3. hi i'm currently using bionic grow and bloom with boost being added three weeks into flower and two 400 hps lights ventalation isn't a problem and to be honest people who have seen my babies think there great but i can't help but feel i'm missing out on some bigger buds i tried cutting the bottem third off the last crop but i'm still only getting oz per plant average any new tips would be helpful as grow books and magazines can only help so much
  4. strain is probely low yeilder... u want high yeild get some mazar or chronic...latezz..
  5. i'm using white widow x chronic but i've also tried maple leaf indica shiva shanti 2 and northen lights
  6. Ya keep saying 1 oz per plants rather than ozs per light ?

    l grow 1 or 2 plants and get about 40 ozs per 1000w light :D

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