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  1. Here's another stoopit noob question. What does it mean when growers say "1/2 strength nutes", "1/4 strength nutes" etc?
    Manufacturers' nute charts generally show specific ratios changing with the needs of the plant... so if I read "start your seedling at 1/8-1/4 strength nutes" and the GH chart shows "1ml grow" for the second week of seedling, am I onlly supposed to use 1/8 mL/gal? I feel like I'd be cutting a droplet in half with a razor blade.

  2. Or is it for if you're using something fixed like 6/9 micro-bloom you'd mix the solution ahead of time and then dilute that 3:1, 7:1 or whatever?
    I wouldn't blame y'all if you read questions like this and think "Just Google that shit"...but believe me I've tried.
  3. It is pretty literal. For example, if the manufacturer directions say to add 1 tsp per gallon of water, you divide that in half and only use 1/2 tsp per gallon of water. It is the same when using nute regiments that consist of multiple bottle mixes. Say the in structions state to use 1 tsp grow, 1/2 tsp bloom, and 1/2 tsp of micro. To cut that in half you would use 1/2 tsp grow, 1/8 tsp bloom, and 1/8 tsp micro per gallon of water.
    Cool, thanks man. That's what I figured...so when people recommend ramping up nute strength (1/8...1/4....1/2...) on a regimen that's already inherently ramped up, is that just so the jumps in potency follow a more exponential curve?
  5. Yea, basically. The main key is to understand nutrient ratio and strength. Ratio will coordinate with the current phase of growth where as strength is more determined by size and growth rate. Company provided schedules are a loose guideline at best. I normally start at 1/4 strength and go to 1/2 after a few weeks or stay at 1/4 strength and feed more frequently. Adjusting both nutrient strength and feeding frequency is dependant on the growing style, setup, and strain and is really only improved with experience. Start with the vendor schedule as a guideline then watch and adjust.

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