Feeding schedule?

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  1. Was just wandering if my food schedule for my plant is ok...

    I started pk, bloom & flower 22nd august after switching to 12/12 will be giving her for 2 weeks taking me to 5th September...then no bloom or feed for 3 weeks just water and low dose of molasses...then 2 weeks bloom and pk and flower for 2 weeks again and final 3 week flush..
    Do I need to stop feeding after 2 weeks saw on YouTube to give a break-in the feeding to use what nutrients are in soil
  2. Sounds rediculus homie water feed water feed so every other water feed and every other plain pH water will work great

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  3. What was that?
  4. Not feeding during flower is a huge mistake honestly soil is alot harder than my Coco coir grow this is my first time running Coco coir it's basically hydroponics but water like soil except daily and it looks like I'm going to have some killer results massive yeild plants are healthy and happy feeding a lucus formula general hydroponics bloom micro Cali magic.... orca and ebsom salt super simple feeding schedule and no grow nutes needed the entire grow

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