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  1. I’m using fox farm trio. How soon do I start feeding, I’m currently at the end of week one for the seedling stage, two rapid rooter germinated seeds (with humidity dome, light, and heating pad). They are currently in 1 gallon fabric pots, with miracle gro potting soil with 30% perlite, under a Vivosun 300 watt LED in a 2x2x48 tent. I use distilled water, to water 1 - 2 times a day. When they reach midway into vegetative phase, I am going to transfer them into, 5 gallon fabric pots with Fox Farm Ocean Forest mixed with 30% perlite. I’ve been told I don’t need to feed them for the first month of being in this soil? I am going to be topping 3 -5 times in early veg
    I’ve been told to use only 25% of the recommended does for my seedlings so does that mean I mix 1.5 tsp of the big bloom with a gallon of water or should there be less water for less nutrients. I am also wondering that the chart says to use mic every 6tsp with a gallon of water how do I not over water, I can’t see myself using a whole gallon of water to water my plants even if they are in a 5 gallon pot. How do make sure all those nutrients get to it without over watering, do I use that gallon of water with the nutrients for the entire week until I run out then I just use regular water without nutrients, or do I just discard the excess water after feeding. Also for weeks that require two or three different nutrients for example week 2 and week 5, do I mix them together in 1 gallon of water, do I have to add more water since there is more nutrients if so how much, or do I have three different bottles each for one set of nutrients if that’s the case how do I feed without overwatering.

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