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  1. Hi guys can anyone recommend a feeding schedule for Coco please.
    I'm 3 weeks into veg with autoflower.
    I'm growing in Coco with 70% Coco and 30% perlite using the trio flower series micro gro bloom.

    At the moment I'm using
    2ml calmag
    2.5ml micro
    2.5ml gro
    Per gallon of water and watering every day at 5.8ph to run off my run of pH comes out around 5.9-6.1

    But I need a solid feeding schedule or should I just go with what's on the bottles ?
  2. Heres a site that's great for coco growers.Cannabis Nutrients - How to Mix Nutrient Solutions - Coco For Cannabis
    It has a gh feeding schedule in the article/tutorial also. But I use the Lucas formula or just the Maxibloom for whole cycle when I use Gh nutes. 1-2 times a day in veg and 3 times a day in flower.
    Also consider adding silica supplement to your feed, it's one supplement that is without question beneficial to your grow.
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  3. What you using on the Lucas formula ?? 9/18
  4. So per gallon of water 3ml micro and 6 ml bloom ?
  5. If you get serious into the coco drain to waste, you’ll want to ditch the bottles nutes and get Masterblend 4-18-38 three part powdered nutes. That’s enough to mix about 2500 gallons.

    Until then, and since you’re doing autos, feed really light to 20% runoff. One gallon pots will grow trees in coco. Biggest I’ve used was a 3 gallon pot and it filled my 4x4 and was over a pound.

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  6. Hi thanks for the information I'm using 5 gallon pots and they are 18 days old

    Growing well tbf I'm growing blueberry kush from seedaman.

    I have been following a schedule and right now in weeks 2--4 I'm feeding 2ml calmag 2.5ml micro 2.5ml gro and 1 ml bloom per gallon of water
  7. The Lucas Formula was adjusted when coco became popular......it's known as H3ad's Formula and it calls for 6ml Micro and 9ml Bloom......not the typical 1:2 ratio with the original Lucas formula.
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  8. So 6ml / 9ml per gallon
  9. Yeah I found this yesterday and am going to give it a go
  10. That's full strength......adjust accordingly......I never have to use full strength of any nutrient.
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  11. Thanks Mick I hadn't seen that.
    The link I posted above has it as .25 grams of Epsom salt per liter as an amendment to the original formula when using coco . As usual a ton of information not all of it lining up. Lol
    I'm trying out the Maxibloom one part and its looking pretty good.
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  12. You definitely don't need all of that. The base nutrients and a bottle of cal mag just in case, will take you a long way.
    That being said I do like the silica and have wanted to try the diamond nectar
  13. Im on doing the calmag and flora trio micro gro bloom
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