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    I feed, using a feed/water/water/feed sched. With this particular bagseed I am growing, the fan leaves really perk up after the feed and then are normal to droopy during the plain waterings. Could this be a sign to go, feed, water, feed? I don't want to mess up the plant as it is entering week 3 of flower and is doing well, any thoughts?

    Soil: promix, vermiculite, manure, top soil. (what we use in our garden)
    Nutes: Techniflora, recipe for success.
    Light: 150 w hps, (2) x 68 (actual watt) cfl
    temps 70f night 84 (tops) day
  2. someone, please? I want to know if I should be giving nutes more often. The only nute-bearing element in my mix was manure, and the plant is on day 16 of flowering. I want to know if I should feed more often than feed/water/water/feed. Thanks.
  3. Maybe look at finding a liquid nutrient supplement to mix with the water. But I would also not use as much nutes if I had it in my water... Like maybe 1/2 of the usual.

    I personally dont use nutes. I go organic and use bone meal for a strong rooting system and it makes your buds nice and tight and compact :)
  4. Its usually better with any plan to feed less then to over feed. You can correct a under nuted plant you can kill a over nuted plant. As for watering I would just use standard methods to determine if your soil is dry. Overwatering is almost as bad as over nuting. A plant can take a dry spell...its composed of mostly liquid. Like a onion is 80% water believe it or not.
  5. hey bro, i got the same kit when i started growing. go feed/water/feed, and you will be fine. they add the extra water b/c their is a high salt build up using that line. as long as you make sure when you water, go for heavy run off. that way you make sure you get rid of the salts. and, always check ph!!!!!

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